Sunday, January 29

The director of TV3 denies “anomalies” in the contracts to the production company investigated by 3%

The investigation into the production company Triacom for its role in the plot of 3% of Convergència, and the programs billed to TV3 at inflated prices, have reached the Parliament of Catalonia this Friday. The current managers of the chain and the Catalan Audiovisual Media Corporation (CCMA), the entity that brings together public television and radio, have assured in parliament that they are not aware of “any anomaly” in the contracting of audiovisual content, nor in those of this company investigated by a judge for its alleged link to the illegal financing of Convergència.

The production company Triacom inflated more than 50% the price of the programs that it invoiced to TV3

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The acting president of the public entity, Núria Llorach, and the director of TV3, Vicent Sanchis, have affirmed that the accounting information that they have provided to the courts on two occasions is “absolutely clear and transparent” and they defend that it reflects “normal” prices and appropriate at that time, adjusted to the market”.

Five parliamentary groups – ERC, PSC, Cs, PP and En Comú Podem) had asked those responsible for the public corporation and TV3 for explanations regarding the information uncovered by about the judicial investigation that affects Triacom and the public channel. Between 2008 and 2016, TV3 paid some 31 million euros to the company, with a surcharge of up to 50% that Triacom allegedly used to pay false invoices to cover up expenses related to Convergència.

In his appearance, Sanchis has asked for “prudence” and has described the published information as “interested leaks”. The director of TV3 has defended that the CCMA has collaborated with the investigation, in the two requests that until now have been made about the accounts of those contracts and has said that they will do it again if it is convenient.

“The filters would have failed if a judicial decision arrived saying that the corporation has actively or passively contributed to illegal financing, but that has not happened,” said the journalist, who has argued that TV3 is not an investigated party in this process.

Sanchis maintains that the accounting provided “is absolutely clear and transparent, and that the prices paid to the producer are normal and appropriate, corresponding to programs of those characteristics on the market at that time.”

However, both Sanchis and Llorach – who had not yet reached the position in the period under investigation – have noted that since 2016 the corporation has adopted a new, more demanding regulation of contracting. Before that year, the contracts were made at the proposal of the management “and then all the procedures were followed until it was elevated to the presidency of the CCMA”, explained Llorach.

Beyond its dealings with TV3, the production company Triacom, managed by the former manager of the chain Oriol Carbó, also served to pay 42,000 euros in expenses of companies linked to David Madí, right-hand man of Artur Mas.