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The DLR cleaning subcontractor agrees to leave the National Library: “It is a victory for the workers”

The company DLR Facility Services has agreed to leave the National Library, where it owes its cleaners almost three months’ salary. After the one-hour strikes held during this month and the announcement of an indefinite strike, the subcontractor steps aside and accepts the “peaceful” resolution of the public contract, they explain from the National Library. In the representation of the workers they consider that it is a “joint” victory: “From the staff, who were going for all, and the media.”

When the company does not pay the salaries but the staff must continue working

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Without the strength of the workers and their appearance in the media, “the company would not have left voluntarily,” says Raquel Martínez, a cleaner at the National Library and a UGT union delegate.

In CCOO they remember that in other public organizations they suffer the same situation of non-payment of wages by DLR, “such as the Madrid City Council, the Torrelodones City Council, the Bank of Spain and the IAM (autonomous computer science organization of the capital city council) ”, so from the union they urge quick solutions for all of them.

The labor conflict in the National Library has its roots a year ago, with the delay in the payment of payroll “from the beginning”, at the end of 2021, when the company entered the body after the award of the public cleaning contract. But it broke out in the last few months, as DLR stopped paying.

The company, created by the entrepreneur Angel of the Ruapresident of the ultra-conservative media group and next to VOX Media Decisionowes the workers the payrolls for September, October and, with a few days to go, for November.

“Voluntary” departure after mobilization

Given the “desperate” situation of the staff, forced to go to work without pay, with people at risk of “losing their home because they cannot pay the rent”, the workers of the National Library held partial strikes throughout the month of November. This Monday they announced that they would start an indefinite strike starting in December. This was warned again this Tuesday with a concentration at the gates of the Library headquarters in the capital.

A day later, the company has agreed to leave the public service. “The contractor accepts the peaceful resolution of the file, this allows the file to be resolved in approximately two months, without having to go to the State Council,” celebrates the National Library, which had already proposed this solution to the company founded a long time ago by De la Rua.

DLR’s “voluntary” departure allows for a more agile replacement of the company and puts an end to the default situation more quickly. “Once the file is resolved, the National Library can instruct TRAGSA to take over the cleaning” of the organization and subrogate the workers “until the new contract file is awarded,” they explain in the public body.

“Now they need to pay the salaries”

Sources from the National Library recall that “the employer continues to have the obligation to pay the workers the salary that he owes them.” In DLR they explained to this Monday that the company is going through a “very complex” moment due to “debts and arrears” from suppliers, although they hope “to be able to pay everything owed by the end of this week,” said a company spokesperson.

From the representation of the staff they take the floor to DLR and demand that it comply as soon as possible given the emergency situation of a large part of the personnel. “We ask the company to do everything right and pay us what they owe us because we have done our job,” insists Raquel Martínez (UGT).

In CCOO they insist on pointing out to public administrations, such as the Madrid City Council, to demand the rapid resolution of contracts in this type of situation in which companies stop paying staff. “Because the rent does not wait,” recalls a union delegate.

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