Sunday, October 17

The doctor in charge of the private anti-cancer project endorsed by the Board referred patients from the public to his clinic

The Andalusian Center for Proton therapy in Córdoba endorsed this week by the Board, which comes to replace a public project that had been working on for years, is promoted by Ceanprotep, a temporary union of companies (UTE) made up of Ceanprotep Investigation, Dulas Servicios Sanitarios and Mevión Medial Systems. The sole administrator of the first two is Pedro Lara, Professor of Radiology and Physical Medicine at the University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria who three years ago had to leave his public positions as head of the Radiation Oncology service at the public hospital Doctor Juan Negrín when it was discovered that he was referring cancer patients to the private clinic where he worked (Clínica San Roque), which billed the area he directed at the Canarian public hospital about 800,000 euros in the last semester of 2017.

The Board parks an innovative project against cancer for the Andalusian public health while flirting with a private one

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Pedro Carlos Lara Jiménez studied Medicine and Surgery in Granada between 1979 and 1985, and obtained the Degree of Doctor in the same specialty in 1988, also from the University of Granada. In November 2008 he was appointed Head of the Radiation Oncology Service of the University Hospital of Gran Canaria Doctor Juan Negrín, where he remained until August 2018 after publishing Canarias Now that he was working at the same time for the hospital group from which the then Minister of Health also came , José Manuel Baltar.

In 2014, Dr. Lara institutionalized the systematic referral of five patients a week to this clinic, the main privately owned one on the island of Gran Canaria, without competition and regardless of the needs of the service and the fluctuations in the list of waiting. The Radiation Oncology service of the Hospital Doctor Negrín directed by Pedro Lara diverted in 2017, through the Health area of ​​Gran Canaria, a total of 260 treatments to Clinicas San Roque, referrals that reported 1.6 million euros to this private center , according to official information from the Ministry of Health.

Lara, president of the Radiation Oncology Group in the European Union of Medical Specialties (UEMS) and former president of the Spanish Society of Radiation Oncology (SEOR), is the sole administrator of Ceanprotep Investigation SL, established in April 2020, barely three months before the Andalusian Minister of Health and Families of the Junta de Andalucía, Jesús Aguirre, held a meeting with the American company Mevion Medical Systems, the third of the companies that are part of the UTE that will be in charge of developing the private health center. The doctor is also the sole administrator of Dulas Servicios Sanitarios SLP, in this case since July 2016.

Ceanprotep Investigación SL, registered precisely in Córdoba, has as its main activity “the intermediation in the provision of health and medical services, management, coordination, consulting, advice, research and development of medical health services”. Dulas, based in Las Palmas, has as its corporate purpose “the activity of medical professionals”.

The doctor, consulted directly by this newspaper, points out without further consideration that it is “a private project proposal” and that he has “no more information to contribute.” In the same sense, they are shown from the San Roque Clinic, where he continues to work today, appealing to the private nature of his presence as sole administrator of two of the companies that make up the UTE that will be developed by the Andalusian Proton Therapy Center.