Saturday, October 1

The dollar bill for which they pay more than 3000% of its value

This was the operation that took place last September for the US $ 10,000 note issued by the United States Federal Reserve (FED), from the 1934 series: with a base value of $ 200,000 to $ 300,000, the final transaction broke this ceiling and climbed to $ 384,000.

The coin that rose with a auction price 3740% higher than its face value, It is part of the 60,000 banknotes that the North American entity launched in the middle of the last century and that, in 1969, it was permanently suspended.

According to the portal specialized in the numismatic market, currently It is estimated that of the original batch, only 200 designs remain, which are traded in millionaire figures.

collectors dollar bill.jpg

The vast majority of $ 10,000 bills bear the “B” designation from the Federal Reserve District of New York. But nevertheless, none were intended to circulate publicly, as they were reserved to facilitate cash transactions between banks.

Delving into the record amount that one of its 200 copies currently estimated was paid for, auction market specialists highlight two reasons.

One is that it is in excellent condition to a degree “Gem Uncirculated 66” with “exceptional” paper quality assigned by Paper Money Guaranty.

“This is the highest grade ever assigned by the service to such a design. It is without a doubt the best I have seen in my life “, noted Dustin Johnston, US Currency Director of Heritage.

The second factor is that it is not from the bank of New York, but from Kansas City (Friedberg catalog number 2231-J), something completely exceptional, since only 1200 of them were printed, tied with the Richmond and Dallas editions for the fewest copies.