Saturday, December 4

The dollar in the world climbed to a maximum of 16 months before record inflation in the US

The dollar index grew for the second day in a row, hitting a session high of 95.197, its highest level since July 22, 2020.. Towards the end of the session it gained 0.4% to 95.1630.

The euro, meanwhile, lost 0.3% au $ 1.1446 after reaching US $ 1.1430 on the intraday, a minimum since July 2020.

“It appears that we are still dealing with the impact of the CPI,” said Vassili Serebriakov, currency strategist at UBS in New York.

The closing of the Treasury bond market for the Veterans Day holiday in the US likely reduced trading volume and increased price volatility.said Joseph Trevisani, senior analyst at, a website that tracks financial markets.

“Generally, when the bond market is closed, there is less liquidity and you tend to get more exaggerated movements because there is less liquidity to absorb any particular movement,” he said.

Lthe pound sterling fell 0.3% to $ 1,3363 after reaching $ 1,3359, its lowest level since December last year. Data showing the British economy lagging behind its peers in the July-September period did little to help the currency.

While, the dollar rose 0.2% against the yen Japanese, trading in a range of 113.81 yen to 114.15 yen during the round.

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