Wednesday, December 7

The dollar yields 98% less for purchases than 90 years ago

Key facts:
  • Salinas showed how the dollar yields 98% less than 90 years ago to buy milk, eggs and gasoline.

  • The businessman criticized governments and central banks for inflation and recommended buying BTC.

On December 26, Ricardo Salinas Pliego criticized governments and central banks via Twitter and recommended buying bitcoin (BTC) to avoid its control and inflation.

He precisely said: «Central banks and governments use inflation to steal your purchasing power and stay where they want to have you … scared, controlled, quiet and without freedom, they set schedules, they put regulations on you and they keep your money through “taxes” ».

Ricardo Salinas Pliego, who is one of the richest people in Mexico and owner of TV Azteca, Banco Azteca, Total Play and Elektra, shared an image to show inflation and the loss of value of the dollar. Later, end the tweet with a hashtag and emoji of the orange bitcoin logo, thus encouraging its purchase and adoption.

Ricardo Salinas Pliego posted this image on Twitter to show inflation and the loss of value of the dollar. Fountain: @RicardoBSalinas /

Ricardo Salinas Pliego joins the community of BTC advocates

Ricardo Salinas Pliego’s statement was born as a deepening of a message he expressed the day before in a Christmas video, where he says that “fiat money is false paper of lies” and calls on his almost one million followers to move away from national currencies and investing in bitcoin to free yourself from governments, central banks, and inflation.

“Trust me, you still have time, defend your freedom and be smart,” he put in another Tweet in which he shared an image that says “don’t work hard, work being smart; money is not earned by sweating, it is earned by thinking ».

Support for cryptocurrencies has become popular with other public figures, mainly during the last year in the face of rising inflation, as well as trying to free itself from centralized control. Billionaire investor Ray Dalio said this month: “People think the safest investment is cash – in dollars – but they don’t look at inflation-adjusted returns.” The same was pointed out a year ago by Lunaticoin, a collaborator of Estudio Bitcoin, a teaching space on cryptocurrency.

Another cryptocurrency advocate is Elon Musk, the founder and CEO of Tesla, who has repeatedly complained about inflation and the income taxes he has to pay. As CriptoNoticias reported, it has recently cataloged the government as “the largest corporation with a monopoly on violence” due to the monetary issue that produces and increases the rise in prices.

Robert Kiyosaki, the author of the book “Rich father poor father”, The year has also been spent promoting purchase of bitcoin to safeguard the value of savings, as well as that of gold, since it has been devalued less than the dollar, as revealed by the graphic by TradingView.