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The double mask does NOT work, the pantyhose helps more | Digital Trends Spanish

One of the alternative recommendations offered by the health authorities given the impossibility of using surgical or N95 masks, was the possibility of resorting to the double cloth mask, however, scientists have discovered that it harms more than it helps. On the other hand, the benefits of pantyhose for protection purposes against COVID-19.

Experts from Florida State University and Johns Hopkins University did computer simulations of 3D heads based on 100 men and 100 women.

The team calculated filtration efficiency, which measures how many virus-laden droplets the mask captures or blocks. The findings, published in the journal Physics of Fluidsshow that wearing two face coverings provides a “negligible, if any, increase in protection.”

Scientists from both study houses affirmed that two things happen with the double mask: a false sense of security and, on the other hand, the respiratory difficulty that its use entails.

An ill-fitting second mask decreases the amount of air that can leak through the shell, forcing more air through any gaps between the mask and the face.

Pantyhose helps more

On the other hand, experts from cambridge university They discovered that the pantyhose used mainly by women on the legs is more useful when placed on the face to cover the mouth and nose.

This, the scientists said, could reduce the number of viral particles by up to seven times more than a loose mask alone, by sealing the spaces around the nose and mouth.

But acknowledging the social and physical implications of wearing stockings over the face in public, they noted that it was “unlikely to be tolerated for long periods of time”.

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