Thursday, December 2

The drone bomb attack on the Iraqi prime minister confirms the terrible potential of these new weapons

He managed to escape unscathed, but Mustafa al-Kadhimi, Iraq’s prime minister, must have gotten quite a scare. Some days ago saved his life in a drone bomb attack in Baghdad.

Six members of their security forces yes they were injured by the explosion the only one of the three drones that managed to collide with the residence of the Iraqi president. The use of drones as weapons has increased in recent years, and their disturbing potential is increasingly clear.

Flying assassins for hire

In 2015 a drone crashed in one of the gardens of the White House. It was a DJI Phantom owned by one of the government employees, who had apparently had an extra drink and he had lost control of his quadcopter.

That was almost like a warning of what was to come. Drones soon became important elements of armies around the world –including spanish– but Also in haunting substitutes for hit men.

We saw it in 2017 with both ISIS attacks as with its use by cartels and of organized crime. The drone-bomb design is already a juicy business for the arms industry, and its application is evident not only in military operations, but also in attacks.

This is what happened a few days ago in Baghdad, when the so-called ‘Green Zone’, the residence of the Iraqi prime minister, was attacked by three drone bombs. The perpetrators of the attack are not known.

Two of them were intercepted by the Iraqi security forces, but the third managed to impact the residence and wounding six of the prime minister’s security forces. The events came after controversial elections in the country that had already led to protests by various armed groups.

What is certain is that the options posed by both drones and precision rifles remotely controlled -one of them was responsible of the recent death of Iran’s most important nuclear scientist – or those who are beginning to be assembled on the back of the Spot robots Boston Dynamics paint an unsettling future: one in which of course the attacks seem more dangerous than ever.

Via | US News

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