Tuesday, May 24

The drop in incidence slows down and drops 4 points to 430 cases

The incidence continues to decline, although the decline has slowed down this last week. This Wednesday, the Ministry of Health confirms a drop of only four points to 430.77 cases per 100,000 inhabitants. Last month, the coronavirus incidence curve showed declines of up to more than 200 cases per day, a downward trend that has not changed, although fewer drop points are now being reported.

Health registers 21,936 new infections, for a total of 11,181,510 positives since the start of the pandemic. In December, before the explosion of infections during the Christmas holidays, the Ministry reported numbers of infected people similar to the current ones.

133 deaths from COVID-19 are added to the official registry, which already amounts to 100,992 since the epidemiological crisis began in the country. Before the Christmas spike in cases, fewer than 100 deaths from the disease were being reported daily.