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The ‘Duos-activation’ Healthy Brewing Theory of Qinghai Spring’s Tinghua Liquor Gains International Recognition, FDA and TTB Have Authorized Its Overseas Product to Be Sold in the United States

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NEW YORK — Recently, at the Alpha Square Group 2023 Annual Summit hosted in New York by a renowned professional investment institution, a distilled alcohol called Another Half was praised and liked by attendees.

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Another Half is a distilled alcohol produced by TingHua’s company, aiming for ‘duos-activation’, which also adopts the brewing process disclosed in the World Intellectual Property Organization-published patent application “Use of composition of alcohol and cooling agent in regu lating sexual function, Protecting Cardiovascular and Cerebrovascular System, Promotion hepatocyte Regentten, Fighting Against Tumor, and Improving Immunity and Sleep Quality. Hai Spring Medicinal Resources Technology Co., LTD (qinghai Spring, 600381.SH) is the application for the endent.

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The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the US Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau (TTB) approved Another Half’s new distinctive distilled liquor category in 2022. In addition to approving the overseas product of TingHua, the TTB also authorized the product’s technique and characteristics, permitting “Duos blend” to be used as a distinctive name on the product label. “Duos blend” refers to both a distinctive product formulation and a “Duos activation” – harm reduction and benefits gain technique. According to the interpretation of US FDA and TTB regulations, the distinctive name refers to the “sell name.”

The FDA’s authorization and the TTB’s certification of Another Half indicate that this distilled alcohol and its distinctive manufacturing process have been granted a pass to the US and international markets. It contains the innovative value of “harm reduction and benefits gain” brought by the “duos activation” of TingHua liquor and is advancing around the world.

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