Saturday, September 25

The Dutch Army has to park its 1,600 trucks because they do not comply with traffic rules

Correspondent in Brussels



The Dutch Ministry of Defense has ordered to park some 1,600 new trucks, which he had just acquired, because they do not comply with the requirements of the highway code since they are four centimeters higher than the allowed limit and which guarantees that they cannot pass under highway bridges and freeways.

The ministry bought the vehicles from the Swedish manufacturer Scania (from the Volkswagen group) because the old military vehicles were no longer suitable for professional use in the military. Now it turns out that the truck containers are four centimeters taller.

The acting minister, Ankie Bijleveld, has told the deputies that he has asked the traffic department for a special dispensation so that trucks can circulate “for a certain period on certain routes”, but they have not yet answered him so that until he has this authorization, no truck can circular.

The former Minister of Defense, Barbara Visser, It had stated that the height of the trucks was less than the statutory 4 meters, but it turned out that this is not true and that they exceed the limit by four centimeters. Scania is committed to solving this problem as soon as possible.

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