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The dynamic island of the iPhone 14 Pro inspires this game idea | Digital Trends Spanish

The dynamic island that comes with the new phones Apple iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max caused quite a stir when it was introduced last week.

The pill-shaped cutout replaces the notch that houses the front-facing camera and Face ID sensors, but it’s also been designed to animate to become part of the screen, transforming its shape as it delivers bits of useful information.

Apple said it will open up Dynamic Island technology to third-party developers to see what they can do with it, and while we can expect mainstream apps to quickly find ways to incorporate it, smaller developers are already thinking about how they might use it, too.

discovered by MacRumorssoftware developer Kriss Smolka has come up with a fun concept game based on the 1970s classic, pong.

As you can see from Smolka’s tweet, you control the paddle at the bottom of the screen, moving left and right to hit the ball. But different from pong, you want that the static paddle on top, which is actually the Dynamic Island, hit the ball backwards.

Who has an iPhone 14 Pro right now? Need to test this on device asap!

🏝️ Hit The Island – our game concept for iPhone 14 Pro, still laggy but it’s turning out nice 🙂 #iPhone14Pro #iOS16

— Kriss Smolka (@ksmolka) September 13, 2022

At the current time, the ball stays in play wherever it goes, with the player scoring a point each time it hits the opponent’s racket. But since it’s a concept, Smolka could end up changing it, so the goal is to get the most consecutive hits on the other paddle, or maybe adding a countdown clock that encourages you to get as many points in a limited amount of time. It’s also possible that the bar starts out bigger and gradually shrinks in size with each hit, making it harder and harder to hit.

While simple in the extreme, Pong’s idea offers an early taste of how developers can get creative with Dynamic Island and take it beyond Apple’s original idea of ​​using it as a direct hub.

Smolka said he’s trying to get it available on the App Store by Friday, when Apple’s new iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max start landing in people’s hands.

And if you love the look of the fun idea but have an iPhone with an old notch at the top, don’t worry. Smolka says that he is also working on making a version of his game for those phones.

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