Monday, December 6

The Earth could take revenge and kill humans | Digital Trends Spanish

The Gaia hypothesis states that our planet’s environment constantly regulates itself in response to ecological abuses that humans commit.

It gets its name from the Greek deity Gaia, who represents the personification of the Earth. Based on this interpretive model, a scientist warns that the Earth could take revenge for these abuses and kill human beings.

James Lovelock ensures that our actions interrupt processes that have been going on for a long time. According to him, this means that we must act quickly or we will face serious consequences.

In an article by The Guardian, Lovelock assures that the temperature of our planet was regulated during billions of years.

“Thanks to Gaia, forests, oceans and other elements of the Earth’s regulatory system kept the surface temperature constant and near optimal for life.”

The problem is that we people have ruined that system of self-regulation. “Two genocidal acts – suffocation by greenhouse gases and cutting down of rainforests – have brought about changes on a scale not seen in millions of years,” he adds.

“We are entering an era of heat in which the temperature and sea level will rise decade after decade until the world becomes unrecognizable.”

According to Lovelock, the pandemic may have been a warning from our planet. “The COVID-19 virus may well have been a negative feedback. Gaia will try harder next time with something even more unpleasant, ”emphasizes the scientist.

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