Thursday, October 6

The Earth will have its maximum heating point this year | Digital Trends Spanish

This 2022 will be remembered in Europe and in some regions of the United States, for the high temperatures registered, which caused several forest fires and deaths. And based on that, the scientists wanted to project what will be the year on Earth where we will hit a heat peak.

The latest study published in Communications Earth & Environment on these predictions puts a date to a type of heat that we would never have imagined. These new estimates suggest that the tropics and subtropics, including India, the Arabian Peninsula and sub-Saharan Africa, will experience dangerously high temperatures on most days of the year by 2100.

Heat will be three to 10 times more common in 2100 than it is today in the United States, Western Europe, China and Japan, regardless of efforts to keep global warming below 2 degrees Celsius.

According to lead author Lucas Vargas Zeppetello: “The record heat events of recent summers will be much more common in places like North America and Europe. For many places near the equator, by 2100 more than half the year will be challenging to work outdoors, even if we start to reduce emissions.”

To reach this conclusion, the researchers evaluated projections for the future “heat index,” a combination of air temperature and humidity that measures the impact of heat on the human body. In the traditional heat index, temperatures are considered dangerous when they exceed 40°C and extremely dangerous when they exceed 51°C, the thresholds the current study used to predict future habitability

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