Wednesday, November 30

The echo in the international media of the massive protest for public health in Madrid

Numerous international media covered the massive protest in Madrid against the health management of the Government of Isabel Díaz Ayuso. The Washington Post, Al Jazeera or Libération have reported in their headers the protest that gathered more than 200,000 people on Sunday, according to official data, in the streets of the center of the capital under the slogan “Madrid rises in defense of the public healthcare”.

“Thousands of people protest in support of public health”, headlined the American newspaper The Washington Post the news, which was accompanied by a photo of a doll that caricatured the Madrid president. “Tens of thousands of Spanish toilets demonstrated this Sunday to ask for more personnel in the health service and to protest the dismantling of the system that they accuse the conservative regional government of Madrid is developing,” the text began, with information from the agency American The Associated Press.

“City of all”, was the headline chosen by the French magazine Liberation, of a leftist tendency, which described the mobilization as massive, with an aerial image of the packed Plaza de Cibeles during the central moment of the mobilization. The text of the French media reports the number of demonstrators provided by the Government Delegation, 200,000 people, and tells the reasons of those attending the march: the defense of public health in the Madrid region and the rejection of the privatization policies of the Ayuso government.

Al Jazeera, the leading international information channel owned by the Government of Qatar, also reported this Sunday about the massive mobilization through the streets of Madrid. The news includes the reasons for the protest and the testimonies of some attendees accompanied by numerous photos from international agencies such as Reuters, AP or the French France Press.

The newspaper italian republic pointed directly at Ayuso in the headline: “Hundreds of people in Madrid against the health management of Isabel Ayuso.” The news also headed the information with the aerial image of Cibeles and incorporated the data provided by the organization of the march on the influx: “670,000, according to the organizers and 200,000, according to the police, go to the square to protest against the lack of public investment in health.

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