Friday, January 28

The economic projections for 2022, according to the economist Juan Carlos de Pablo

Hold on Catalina. Or you have more cuts, more deficit or more inflation”, Remarked de Pablo.

The economist called “Do not have great illusions”. In that sense, it projected a 2022/2023 with a “Weakened political context and with a strong credibility problem”.

Consulted on the negotiations with the International Monetary Fund, he doubted there could be an agreement. “I would be pleasantly surprised“He admitted, adding: I don’t see anyone who is interested in this. Nobody is in a hurry. The Government is in no hurry because it will not get a fresh mango ”,

On the other hand, he pointed out that the owner of the IMF, Kristalina Georgieva, he is not in a hurry either to close an agreement with the country because then “he will have to go to defend” the agency directory. “[Allí] They are waiting for her to slap her, saying you gave that to Argentina, and what do you give me? ”, he reflected.

“The real negotiations are secret or reserved. Everything that we are hearing from the Government or the Fund has no importance ”, he described.

In addition, he referred to the audit carried out by the agency on the loan of 45,000 million dollars granted to Mauricio Macri. “It is just covering the bureaucratic backs, the Fund does not know anything that we did not know.”