Thursday, February 2

The eighth edition of TNABC 2022 culminated

After a conglomerate of presentations, the eighth edition of the conference emblematic annual cryptocurrency event in Miami: The North American Bitcoin Conference (TNABC), which was surrounded by a large number of speakers of international stature. Among those who highlighted Mark Cuban and the mayor of Miami, Francis Suárez.

TNABC 2022 was filled with a lot of innovative, useful and technological content. Bitcoin, NFTs, investment, market projections, Blockchain technological advances and even issues that have generated controversy and controversy in society, such as Ross Ulbricht, were addressed.

On the first day, the event brought together Mark Cuban and Francis Suarez, the spotlight was on both. Cuban expressed his fanaticism about cryptocurrencies, sharing stories of how he got his first NFT, and even how he invested in the market in its early days. He also highlighted the importance of Blockchain technology for almost all sectors, not just the financial one. He mentioned that the rise of NFTS was the gateway drug to Bitcoin.

In the eighth edition of this event, Mark Cuban and other participants highlighted the importance of education as a starting point for those who are just starting out. And, as a routine for those who are already.

The capital of cryptocurrencies

For his part, Francis Suárez took advantage of the stage to say many things, among them, he ratified the city of Miami as the capital of cryptocurrencies. He showed his interest in learning about projects of interest that are innovative for the evolution and development of the city.

He was committed to making Miami the capital of Bitcoin, while emphasizing the intention of always embracing technological innovation for the city.

Peter Smith and the new financial system

Another important topic that was addressed during the event is the role that cryptocurrencies play in this “new financial system”. For this, Peter Smith, was speaking in a talk where he argued that cryptocurrencies have come to revolutionize the traditional financial system and that people are already beginning to take it as a new economy. He said, “be willing” to push to break barriers within this ecosystem.

Blockchain advance in the future

Somewhat in tune with this theme, panelists addressed projections regarding the use cases that blockchain technology may have in the future. In it, they commented that the health and political sectors can benefit especially more than others during the next few years. Mentioning the use of technology in PCR tests linked to the recent COVID-19 pandemic. And, in terms of politics, transfer and speed in the electoral processes of governments.

A free ticket to space at TNABC 2022

TNABC gave for everything, a topic that caught the attention was the draw for the free ticket to space. Both Astranaut and Space Perspective believe that the visionaries and innovators who attended TNABC are the perfect audience for their offering. Their aligned missions are to help increase access for early adopters of space travel. And, translate your experience into a vision to improve planet earth.

Controversial Topic: Bitcoin for Drugs on TNABC

And yes, he gave for everything. Lyn Ulbricht, mother of Ross Ulbricht, shared on the conference stage a message that Ross sends from prison: The meaning of losing your freedom.

Ross is the creator of Silk Road, the first major digital darknet marketplace. For which he was arrested and sentenced to two life sentences plus 40 years in prison without the right to parole.

His mother and also an ambassador for his cause, said that her son was arrested and sentenced “unjustly” for creating a free market through Bitcoin. Where people could sell what they wanted without any control. And, although the sentence specifies seven charges against Ross, including the sale of narcotic substances, his mother believes that he did not harm anyone and therefore, he should be free.

Without a doubt, this edition of TNABC was loaded with a lot of valuable content. A single post is not enough to condense the whole game that could be squeezed out of this great conference that brought together many people with really valuable material. But, if you want to expand each of these topics, do it from here.

Until a next installment!