Tuesday, June 6

The Electoral Board agrees with TVE and establishes that it must organize one of the mandatory electoral debates in Castilla y León

The Electoral Board of Castilla y León has upheld the appeal filed by Radio Televisión Española against the agreements adopted by the debate commission, made up of journalists from the Community, in which the possibility of the public entity organizing one of the two mandatory debates and only privately owned Castilla y León Television was in charge. Thus, it agrees “to require the aforementioned commission to attribute the organization of one of these debates – it does not go into indicating whether the first or the second – to the publicly owned media outlet Corporación RTVE SA and the other debate to the privately owned media outlet Radio Televisión Castilla y León SA”, this agreement may be appealed to the Central Electoral Board.

In addition, the Electoral Board also considers the appeal of the Association of Journalists, which should be part of the Commission, and which was not convened, in addition to underlining the fact that a single journalist voted on behalf of three media outlets. In this way, the agreements that were made, among others, that of the debates, with the dates and times chosen, are annulled.