Thursday, July 7

The Electoral Board denies Teresa Rodríguez the electoral funds of Adelante Andalucía and grants them to Por Andalucía

The Andalusian Electoral Board has denied Teresa Rodríguez, president and candidate of Adelante Andalucía, the political and economic rights she claimed for considering herself the legitimate heir to the coalition she led in the 2018 Andalusian elections, and which bore the same name as the current one. . The electoral subsidies that emanate from that first confluence between Podemos, IU and two other minority Andalusian formations correspond to IU, one of the majority partners of the original Adelante Andalucía, which now heads a new coalition: Por Andalucía.

The Electoral Board has thus resolved the latent conflict after the volcanic rupture of that first confluence. The result is that Teresa Rodríguez will not have access to the more than half a million euros in advance of the Adelante electoral subsidy to finance her campaign ahead of the June 19 elections. That money goes entirely to the coalition Por Andalucía, led by its candidate, Inmaculada Nieto, and of which IU, Más País, Equo and the Andalusian People’s Initiative are part, plus a political link with Podemos and Alianza Verde.

The resolution of the Electoral Board has importance beyond the financing of this campaign. Predictably, it will also affect the visibility of the candidates in the electoral spaces of the public media and the coverage they do, something that worried Rodríguez more than the subsidies. It is the first time that an external arbitrator has mediated in the conflict between the founding members of Adelante Andalucía, after a rupture that was resolved with the expulsion of the former leader of his parliamentary group under the accusation of a turncoat.

Both IU and Podemos gave up challenging the use of the Adelante Andalucía brand before the Electoral Board and in court, which Rodríguez has registered as a coalition and as a political party in the registry of the Ministry of the Interior. This has allowed the Cadiz woman to run for the second time as the Adelante candidate for the Presidency of the Board in the next elections, however, the previous resolutions of the Electoral Board left her little room to recover all the rights inherent to said coalition.

Both Rodríguez and Por Andalucía had requested the advance payment of electoral subsidies for the same concept, that is, their membership of Adelante in the elections three years ago, when they achieved 17 deputies and 661,371 votes. The Electoral Board gave them a period of arguments to justify their claim, and this Monday it ruled in favor of the coalition headed by Inma Nieto.

IU used the criteria established by the Central Electoral Board (JEC) in 2021: “The Central Electoral Board has declared that the political parties that attended the previous equivalent elections as part of an electoral coalition and the new elections called do so alone or as part of a different electoral coalition”. And he underlined in his letter that “a similar criterion has been applied by the JEC to determine the free spaces for electoral propaganda that correspond to the political entities that in the previous equivalent elections participated as part of an electoral coalition.”

The public financing that corresponded to Adelante three years ago was 2,194,854 euros, but the confluence only spent 1,700,811.85 euros. Parties with parliamentary representation can only access a maximum of 30% of their electoral subsidies, in the case of the former left-wing coalition, the figure amounts to 510,243.55 euros.

The allegations presented by IU before the Electoral Board include the detailed account of the rupture of Adelante Andalucía, the expulsion of Rodríguez and 10 other deputies – who become non-attached – and appeal to the express reform of the Parliament’s regulations, in which said expulsion is framed. It is also specified that the Adelante parliamentary group changed its name and became United We Can, accusing Rodríguez of “usurpation” of the brand.

For all these reasons, they conclude, “it is inferred that all the seats obtained by the Adelante Andalucía coalition in the 2018 elections, both the original ones and the substitutions produced during the legislature, were obtained by member candidates at the time of registration of the candidacies for Podemos, as well as by IU, without any of the other two coalition parties obtaining any seats”. In other words, the political and economic rights of those deputies would correspond to the party to which they belonged in 2018, not to the one they came to belong to after their expulsion.

IU is also ahead of its argument and warns the Electoral Board that in the new coalition with which it is running in the June 19 elections -For Andalusia- “NO” is Podemos, because it was late to register, although its candidates are they are listed as independent on their lists. The Distribution of the income in terms of electoral subsidies of the former Adelante Andalucía was subject to an agreement adopted for the contribution of funds to the expenses of the electoral campaign, in the following proportion: Podemos 62.57%; UI 37.25%; Andalusian Spring 0%; Andalusian Left 0%.

Faced with the risk that the Electoral Board would limit the Por Andalucía subsidy to the percentage corresponding to IU, Toni Valero’s formation argues that “the Central Electoral Board has established the criterion that if any of the parties that at the time formed a coalition and that they had a percentage of political and economic rights does not attend the following elections, neither in coalition nor separately, their votes and seats will be distributed among the remaining political entities in coalition at the time that were in turn beneficiaries of political and economic rights ”.

IU requests the entire advance of the funds to finance the campaign for Andalusia. “As the only political formation entitled to the right to advance payment for electoral expenses contemplated in article 127 bis of the LOREG, it corresponds to this coalition that represents the electoral rights of the Adelante Andalucía electoral coalition of 2018”, concludes the letter. The Andalusian Electoral Board has approved this criterion and grants all the requested advance to Por Andalucía.