Monday, March 4

The Electoral Board of Andalusia maintains Teresa Rodríguez in the debates of TVE and Canal Sur

The Andalusian Electoral Board (JEA) has agreed to keep Teresa Rodríguez, candidate for Adelante Andalucía, in the television debates ahead of the Andalusian elections on June 19, as configured in the coverage plans of RTVE and RTVA . It should be remembered that Por Andalucía had contested the presence of Rodríguez in the coverage plan of public entities, which provides for meetings between the candidates on the two Mondays of the campaign, that is, on June 6 (RTVE) and 13 (RTVA).

The poisoned dilemma of Por Andalucía: expel Teresa Rodríguez from the electoral debate or close the wound on the left

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The left-wing coalition, after a tense internal debate, had filed an appeal with the JEA arguing that the doctrine of the Central Electoral Board excludes candidates from formations without parliamentary representation in the last regional elections. The decision of the Andalusian Electoral Board has been communicated by telephone to the interested parties, although the details of the resolution will not be known until the afternoon of this Wednesday.

The resource of Por Andalucía, which can resort to the JEC the decision communicated this Wednesday within 24 hours, became effective after an internal debate between the six parties that make up the coalition, where not all agreed to challenge the presence of Teresa Rodríguez and prolong the pulse between the left, which is overshadowing her candidate, Inmaculada Nieto, and her campaign start.

“The provision of the Coverage Plan referring to the participation of the Adelante Andalucía coalition in the celebration of the two television debates for all of Andalusia must be suppressed, limiting said debates, in terms of participation, to the political parties with parliamentary representation, and to the groups significant politicians”, read the appeal, which has now been rejected and which used the same arguments that Por Andalucía put forward to withdraw the political and economic rights that Rodríguez claimed for considering himself the legitimate heir to the coalition he led in the Andalusian elections of 2018 , and which bore the same name as the current one. In that case, the Electoral Board of Andalusia denied that possibility to the candidate of Adelante Andalucía.