Thursday, September 21

The electric BMW i7 will be revealed in April | Digital Trends Spanish

Buried in the 353 pages of the report on the economic performance of the BMW Group, where his 2021 ecological and social contributions appear, is the announcement that the long-awaited i7 will finally be unveiled in April. The new BMW i7 is the electric version of the full-size four-door 7 Series and will be the German manufacturer’s first electric executive sedan, which will compete directly with the Mercedes-EQS and the Tesla Model S.

For much of the past year, BMW has conducted field tests with camouflaged prototypes of its massive electric sedan; It has even shared images of test drives carried out in the Arctic Circle. The report does not indicate the exact date of the reveal of the electric sedan, but it does say that it will be a global premiere that will take place in the cities of New York, Munich and Beijing.

The announcement reads: “All of us at BMW look forward to the market launch of the new BMW 7 Series this year: progressive, digital and innovative, it is also the only luxury sedan to offer customers powertrain variants. Incidentally, the most powerful variant, the BMW i7, is fully electric. In April we will present it in New York, Munich and Beijing, representing the main regions of the world”. BMW says the i7 will offer the best driving experience in the segment and will come equipped with level 3 autonomous driving capability.

Rumors indicate that the BMW i7 will share its powertrain with the iX M60 electric SUV, meaning it will be powered by a twin-motor electric system that will endow it with all-wheel drive to generate a maximum output of 610 horsepower and 811 foot-pounds of torque. For now, the only thing that BMW has confirmed is that the electric 7 Series will have more than 600 horsepower, which is consistent with the rumors. Based on preliminary tests, BMW estimates the i7 could provide a range of 305 miles, but that’s not an official number yet.

Both the intrigue and camouflaged vehicle images show an i7 front end design much like the BMW iX, with a giant version of BMW’s double grille and bodywork and stance that do not deviate from what it has become. in BMW’s traditional offering in the large executive sedan segment.

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