Tuesday, July 5

The employers, on the Andalusian elections: “We like that a moderate person wins the elections”

The president of the CEOE employers’ association, Antonio Garamendi, celebrated this Monday the victory of Juan Manuel Moreno in Andalusia with an absolute majority of the Popular Party. “We like it when a moderate person wins an election”, he pointed out in Santander during the UIMP summer course. “For my taste, he is a moderate person, without going into the partisan fact,” he stressed. “Andalusia has voted for moderation and a moderate leader, everything that is extreme is surely superfluous”, he pointed out.

Garamendi has taken advantage of the appointment at the Cantabrian university to repeatedly charge against the central government, which he has urged to make a fiscal adjustment that Europe likes. “We cannot carry out populist policies with European capitalist money”, he has asserted about the end of debt purchases by the ECB and the possible horizon of fiscal consolidation that they request in Europe. “My European partners [la patronal europea, de la que es vicepresidente] they want Spain and Italy to be in orbit with the rest of the countries, but not for us to raise pensions by 8%”, he added.

“They haven’t told us how yet, but let’s not think that this is going to continue to be the same”, he pointed out about the possible fiscal demands that come from Europe. Garamendi has especially focused on the increase in pensions linked to inflation, as marked by the Toledo Pact. Specifically, he has argued that this will mean an additional cost of “almost 18,000 million annually.”

“It is better to stop making hollow and radical policies and see how to move the country forward”, Garamendi has defended, who has charged, among other issues, against the Minister of Social Security, José Luis Escrivá, for the 0.6% rise in the social contributions, which he has called an “occurrence”. “It would have been easier to raise wages if social contributions had not been raised,” he pointed out.

“There is a lot of demagoguery, there is a lot of talk, but if you want to talk seriously, we talk”, Garamendi defended. “Talk about everything, not just a political rally,” he emphasized. “The salary issue is very complex. We have to speak by sectors, even by companies”, he assured, criticizing the unions’ proposal to adapt wages to inflation.


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