Monday, September 27

The end of restrictions in Castilla y León: nightclubs reopen and bar bars return

Castilla y León tries to regain normality after the fifth wave. Last week, the vice president and spokesman of the Junta de Castilla y León, Francisco Igea, justified the decision to lower the level 1 restrictions due to the “good evolution” of the pandemic, despite the fact that not two weeks have passed since the municipal festivals of Salamanca and Valladolid, in which there have been crowds. In fact, in Salamanca the Police have had to intervene to evict the thousands of university students who went out to party.

The cumulative incidence is 104 infections per 100,000 inhabitants in the last 14 days, while ICUs are at 15% occupancy with COVID patients. 77% of Castilians and Leonese already have the complete regimen and 82% have at least one dose of the vaccine. As of this Tuesday, the community resumes the de-escalation. What will change?

Bar bars and new hospitality hours

The hospitality industry sets the maximum capacity at 75% inside the premises and recovers the consumption at the bar and standing, with up to 25 people per table (previously there were 10 people). Nothing changes on the terrace: there is no capacity limit, although no more than 25 people per table or group of tables are allowed.

The closing at one in the morning also ended. The hotel and restaurant establishments may close at the time established in the municipal authorization. Interpersonal safety distance must be guaranteed and the mask will remain mandatory.

Commerce and shopping centers are at 75% occupancy.

Nightlife and clubs

The interior of the discos will reopen with a maximum capacity of 50% and standing consumption will be allowed. In pubs, karaoke bars and the like, 75%. The closing time will be the one established according to the municipal ordinances and cocktails are allowed, which are celebrated standing up. Health also allows the opening of the clubs.

Concerts and theater

Concerts and street theater will have a maximum capacity of 75% of the venue or venue where it takes place, with a maximum of 1000 people outdoors and 500 indoors. The audience is allowed to stand and eat or drink during the show.

If seats are enabled and these are pre-assigned and there are numbered tickets, the limit of 1,000 people is not computed, but only 75% of the capacity.

The interpersonal safety distance and the use of a mask must be respected. If there are pre-assigned seats, if they are fixed, just keep one seat free. If the seats were not fixed, it is necessary to keep the 1.5 meters between groups of coexistence. Health risk assessment is not required.

Verbenas and pilgrimages

The maximum capacity of 75% is maintained for up to a thousand people in the open air in the festivals, discomobiles, pilgrimages and processions. As of Tuesday, the public will be able to stand and not sit as before. They will also be able to eat and drink during the show, although the mask is still mandatory. No health risk assessment is required to hold these events.

The safety distance between groups of non-cohabitants must be kept. Different areas or zones will be identified that allow maintaining the interpersonal safety distance, according to Health regulations. Between the different areas, passage areas that allow the movement of people must be respected.

Sports events

The Ministry of Health and the autonomous communities agreed to expand the maximum capacity at mass sporting events. In football stadiums the capacity is increased to 60% and in basketball courts the percentage increases to 40%, as they are closed enclosures.

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