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The endangered arctic wolf was cloned in China | Digital Trends Spanish

An important advance in animal conservation and another scientific milestone was achieved by the Chinese laboratory Sinogene Biotechnology, which announced the cloning of a specimen of arctic wolf, an endangered species.

One hundred days after the birth of the animal, a wolf named “Maya” was born and According to those responsible for the project, there is in good health in a laboratory of the firm located in the province of Jiangsu (east).

Beijing-based gene firm Sinogene Biotechnology & Harbin Polarland announced the successful cloning of the world’s 1st wild arctic wolf on Mon. The wolf is now 100 days old and in good health.

— GlobalTimes (@globaltimesnews) September 19, 2022

The donor cell was obtained from a skin sample of a female arctic wolf of Canadian origin, the oocyte came from a dog whose breed has not been specified and the pregnancy was developed by another female Beagle dog, explained the deputy director of Sinogene, Zhao Jianping.

Scientists implanted a total of 85 embryos in the wombs of seven Beagle bitches, Zhao said, adding that the choice of a dog to gestate the clone is due to the genetic similarities between the two species.

World’s 1st cloned wild arctic wolf makes its debut via video, 100 days after its birth in a Beijing lab. Its birth is believed to pioneer breeding of more rare and endangered animals through cloning technology.

— Zhang Meifang 张美芳 (@CGMeifangZhang) September 19, 2022

According to the director of the company, Mi Jidong, quoted by the official newspaper Global Timesit is the first case in the world of cloning of an arctic wolf.

“Maya” will be transferred in some time to Harbon Polarland, a theme park in Heilongjiang province.

Sun Quanhui, a scientist attached to the World Organization for the Protection of Animals, told the Global Times that despite the advances in cloning technology in recent years, there is still much to be investigated in aspects such as the possible health risks associated with cloned animals.

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