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The Endless Story: the next classic that streaming will adapt | Digital Trends Spanish

Fantasy franchises are at their peak these days with the releases of The Rings of Power Y House of the Dragonand now deadline reports that studios and producers want to get the license for The NeverEnding Story to adapt it to the streaming scenario.

According to the specialized media, “a handful of streamers and studios, on both sides of the Atlantic, are pursuing the screen rights of the beloved property of the late German author Michael Ende. We have spoken to multiple interested parties and heard there are multi-million dollar offers on the table.”

The main story follows Sebastian, a boy who finds his way through a book into a fantasy realm, which tells of a young Atreyu warrior who is tasked with preventing the Nothingness from taking over his world. For that he sails through the skies in his dog Falkor.

The 1979 book was a huge success in Germany, on the best-seller list for years. The story went on to spawn movies, television series, video games, pop songs, spinoff novels, and plays. It has been translated into 40 languages ​​and has sold millions of copies worldwide.

Most of the public knows the story of the 1984 cult fantasy film co-written and directed by the late Wolfgang Peterson in his first film.

The singer Limahl recorded the successful theme of the tape:

Limahl – Never Ending Story (Official Music Video)

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