Saturday, September 25

The entrenched problems and their unbearable stench

The outrage is palpable even in the neighborhood supermarkets at the point of the morning. A new historical record for the price of electricity, it is charged up to 200% more than a year ago. Brutal rise in electricity and how much of it is nourished, essentially the cost of food. “And on top of that we shut up,” I hear. The Minister and Third Vice President Teresa Ribera reproaches the electricity companies for their “lack of social empathy” and our soul falls to our feet. Precisely, the lack of empathy of the minister and, where appropriate, of the Government, is giving wings to the machinery that operates in favor of the PP in the false idea that it could provide solutions.

The new course – according to the topic – begins with great and decisive entrenched problems and two clear trends: the Government, without addressing them, takes insufficient steps and the very extreme Spanish right is launched in a campaign to reach Moncloa sooner rather than later. It’s not new at all, it’s just getting worse and worse. And it brings us closer to an abyss that we already see in other places, of much pain and increased injustices.

Complaints about the cost of electricity are absolutely justified. PP –especially- and PSOE are responsible for having reached this extreme that lasts over time. Both parties and part of the nationalist right walk with familiarity through the revolving doors palace and that is paid. Citizens, of course. But it is the coalition government chaired by Pedro Sánchez that now has the burning potato in its hands. Electricity prices have to be rationalized, whatever. And it is necessary to operate with the same determination the great swellings that are weakening this society: justice, information, basic services, freedoms. It cannot be postponed.

A government that begins to operate in January 2020 could not have suffered a worse tragedy than a global pandemic that kills lives and health and causes an unprecedented crisis. He faced it harassed by the worst political opposition imaginable, in permanent pursuit of his interests with total pettiness. And far from it solved it worse than other countries. But it is not enough. Because the damage does not concern governments and political parties but rather an entire society.

It was and is a political opposition with a supportive media army that denigrates the concept of journalism. There are great professionals in our country, let’s not get confused. Nor do we hide behind false corporatism because these people develop another profession, it is hard to bear that they dare to use the name of journalists who lie and manipulate in favor of a political option, also masking their outrages. Due to their number and virulence, they are a determining factor in what happens to us.

The campaign today focuses on a Pablo Casado who is still completely out of control in his statements and who his media raises in alleged polls giving him the victory in the elections in the company of Vox, the far-right party and mini brain to which they promote ad nauseam. We say to ourselves: it is impossible for Casado to be president of the Spanish Government, but we still think of his time as Díaz Ayuso. With an immense load of nonsense and the balance -impunished- of the massacre of the elderly in the residences, she revalidated her position as president of Madrid. The media work worked that miracle of Satan and could achieve that of the Casado-Abascal tandem.

Someone as solvent as La Vanguardia journalist Enric Juliana wrote this icy reflection a few months ago that requires total alertness because the situation is that serious:

La Razón dares to editorialize that the PP should not give in to pressure and should continue without renewing the Judiciary, in a delirious argument. It is the slogan of these moments, when 1000 days are fulfilled with the expired CGPJ. There have been several informants of yours and even lawyers who have shared the same idea. They ask that the constitutional mandate not be fulfilled, but that the PP continue to control justice. Although of course they disguise it from the widely used mirror effect that attributes its own failures to the contrary.

Right-wing media are growing – the millionaire former Citizens Marcos De Quinto signs up financed by Del Pozo butchers – while RTVE begins a new stage betting “on continuity.” The continuity of his political information strongly biased towards PP (and Vox) is to tremble. What is needed is information, nothing more and nothing less.

Only those who believe in the Magi can doubt the corruption of the PP and its use of the State to, through police and media sewers, make dossiers against their rivals and launder their robbery. And that their media reported rigorously. And that it is the good of the citizens that guides their campaigns in favor of the very extreme right of Spain.

Every time someone says that you have to take to the streets to protest, I remember that Rajoy prevented it with the Gag Law and other gags of the Criminal Code for which simple protesters still pay. And it is still valid. As in force, the mentality that applies them in the eternal vicious circle of Spanish involution continues. And in flagrant imbalance with a former head of state who hides his murky adventures fled to an autarky with total impunity.

No, the key is that we vote for a government to – harassed or not – solve the problems. From electricity and housing to justice, the right to information, freedoms and even democracy in danger. The patches are not worth it, only the total solutions. And time is upon us. Given the sign of the times there may be no other chance.

In Spain, when the PP is in command, it goes around the State and the PSOE lets it be with just a few make-up. Zapatero was the one who undertook major reforms and Rajoy, who in a deaf way, caused greater social damage and involution. That is why we must act now. The EU swallows, barely frowning, the totalitarian drifts of Hungary, Poland and some other countries, the EU is therefore no excuse for anything, and less to solve problems that interfere with the rights of society. It is radically different. The Government and its partners have to renew the Judicial Power now. And undertake a reform of justice that makes it – in all its extremes – worthy of the name. Changing laws if necessary. Lower the price of electricity, facilitate access to housing and the same with all pending issues.

Afghanistan once again shows starkly that unresolved problems are getting worse. And that it is not the general in chief who comes out dejected and harmed but millions of people who are left behind. Just look at the fiasco in Afghanistan to see an extreme future when laziness and irrationality rule. To the broken lives, past and future in a backpack, the victory of fanaticism is added. There he plays on the so emblematic Black Hawk helicopter, now operated by Taliban. Here there are too, with countless supporters. They always play with the symbols, the doctrines, the people that do not fit into their schemes. By imposing its dogmas by all means without exclusion.

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