Sunday, October 1

The Ertzaintza arrests a 17-year-old minor for stabbing another in the back in Donostia

A 17-year-old minor has been arrested this Monday in Donostia after stabbing another young man of the same age in the back in Plaza Clara Campoamor, as reported by the City Council of the Gipuzkoan capital. The attack has been carried out at 3:40 in the morning and the arrest has been made by the Ertzaintza a few minutes after the event occurred in a nearby bar. The detainee was carrying a knife hidden among his belongings. For his part, the young man attacked has been transferred to the hospital. On the other hand, the Consistory has reported that the local guard and the Ertzaintza have not received complaints for punctures last night.

Donostia removes the bulls from its festival program while Bilbao promotes them as official events of the Aste Nagusia

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