Wednesday, November 30

The Ertzaintza investigates threats to Iturgaiz’s son and his companion at a party in Getxo

The Ertzaintza has announced the start of an investigation into the “insults and threats” suffered by Mikel Iturgaiz, 24 years old and son of the president of the Basque PP, at the Romo festivities, in the Biscayan town of Getxo. He even slips that it could be a “hate crime”. The ‘popular’ have added to the complaint the appearance, also in Romo, of slogans against the Ertzaintza such as ‘Police you are not welcome’ or ‘Zipayorik ez!’. “Another sample of fascism in its purest form against our Police and against the son of the president of the Basque PP”, wrote the general secretary of the formation, Laura Garrido, who has openly pointed to the “anti-democrats of the nationalist left”. She and the local leader of the PP, Eduardo Andrade, have summoned all the political forces to sign a unanimous condemnation.

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According to the official police report, around 6:00 a.m. this Friday, “a citizen has addressed an Ertzaintza patrol in the festive area of ​​the Getxotarra neighborhood of Romo and told them that he had been threatened and insulted by a group of people. because of his political affiliation. “Furthermore – continues the statement from the Autonomous Police – a woman who accompanied him has informed the agents that she had come out in her defense and that she had received a slap in the face”. The Ertzaintza confirms that “early this afternoon a complaint about the events was filed” and that “the victim has been able to identify one of the aggressors.” The Police claims to have “an investigation open to clarify the circumstances of the incident”, official sources abound.

“I express my strongest condemnation of the threats and attacks denounced last morning in Getxo. They are sectarian acts of intolerance, unacceptable in a society like the Basque one, which is still building the foundations for present and future coexistence”, said the Vice-Lehendakari and Security Councilor, Josu Erkoreka. And he has added: “I transfer my love to Mikel and Irati [su acompañante], a solidarity that I extend to those close to him and to the family of the Basque PP. I have already conveyed this to its president in Euskadi, Carlos Iturgaiz, to whom I have also conveyed the Ertzaintza’s commitment to fighting hate crimes, even more so when, like those that have occurred, they have violent components.” “It is urgent to attack these behaviors at the root, beginning by publicly and unequivocally condemning them,” Erkoreka concluded. The event has generated more reactions. The general secretary of the PSE-EE, Eneko Andueza, has stated that “public space belongs to everyone in a democracy” and has sent the solidarity of the Socialists to Mikel Iturgaiz and his father.

At a break in his vacation, the lehendakari, Iñigo Urkullu, has also expressed his rejection because “all aggression, whether physical or verbal, threat or insult, is inadmissible.” “The feeling of the vast majority of Basque society against this type of behavior is indisputable and the rejection is absolute. This is how we must continue to demonstrate it on every occasion of intolerance that occurs ”, he has left written on his social networks. He has also contacted the Basque PP.

It so happens that Iturgaiz’s son has already suffered an attack. It was last summer. Askartza de Bilbao and Gernika Sporting were contesting the final of the Preferential Soccer Cup at the end of June 2021 when Iturgaiz received all kinds of insults for ideological reasons. In addition, after the end of the match, the radicals entered the field with the intention of attacking him, according to the referee’s report. “Fachita of shit, we’re going to kill you! We’re going to burn you alive with your fucking father!”, were some of the insults they uttered against the young man. Iturgaiz Jr. denounced what he experienced on his Twitter account and called the treatment received by “a bunch of rude people” “outrageous.” He also wanted to thank the players of the rival team, Gernika Sporting, for the support they gave him, as well as the performance of the trio of referees.