Friday, September 22

The Ertzaintza investigates two punctures for a possible chemical submission in Zarautz

The Ertzaintza investigates two possible punctures for a possible chemical submission that two young girls would have suffered last night during the celebration of a concert in Zarautz (Gipuzkoa), as reported by the Basque Security Department to Europa Press. The Basque Police have learned that two girls went this past Friday night to a health center, where they reported that they had been the subject of two “punctures”, for which they underwent tests to check if they had been inoculated with any substance. However, the possible victims have not yet filed a complaint.

Three complaints of punctures are investigated in the Basque Country for a possible chemical submission

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On this matter of cases of chemical submission, the Basque Security Minister, Josu Erkoreka, pointed out this week that in the Basque Country there have been three complaints, two in Vitoria and one in Santurtzi, and, as he specified, the punctures are real and have been made medical tests to see what its incidence could have been, without yet being clear “what is the meaning or scope of this type of aggression”, so they continue to investigate whether it may “eventually be related to cases of chemical submission”.

In addition to the three complaints for punctures for a possible chemical submission registered in recent weeks in the Basque Country, the vice-lehendakari has reported that crimes against sexual freedom have increased by 51% compared to 2019, a pre-pandemic year, and 20% compared to to 2021, something that, as he highlighted, has made them “turn on the alarms a little”. The head of Security has added that, specifically, sexual assaults, the most serious, the increase has been approximately 31% compared to last year and 48% compared to 2019.