Monday, January 24

The EU extends free roaming until 2032

Roaming will remain free within the EU until 2032. Data roaming at the same price as at home will last another decade, according to the provisional agreement reached this Thursday by the negotiators of the Council – the governments – and the European Parliament. Thus, the updated roaming rules will ensure that people can continue to make calls, send text messages and surf while traveling to other EU countries, without fear of being scared when they receive their bill.

The initial expiration date of the current roaming regulation was set at June 30, 2022.

The revised roaming regulation adjusts the maximum wholesale prices to ensure that the provision of retail roaming services at national prices is sustainable for operators across the EU.

The European Commission will keep the situation under review and, if appropriate, “will present a new legislative proposal to regulate maximum wholesale prices and other aspects of the roaming market”, reports the Council of the EU: “The revised regulation includes measures to ensure a good customer experience in terms of quality of service and access to emergency services, even for people with special needs. Increases transparency of services that may be subject to additional costs and will also protect customers from changes on bills resulting from inadvertent roaming on non-terrestrial mobile networks when on ferries or planes. ”

Margrethe Vestager, Executive Vice President of the European Commission, has stated: “Since 2017 we have enjoyed the end of the tariffs of roaming. And today we make sure we can keep these benefits for another 10 years to stay connected and call, text and surf the internet at no extra cost when we travel across the EU. At the same time, with this new regulation we also improve the quality of the experience of roaming “.

For his part, Thierry Breton, Commissioner for the Internal Market, said: “Spend your holidays in Greece, Austria or Bulgaria. Visiting clients or suppliers in Italy or Estonia… Traveling abroad without having to worry about phone bills is a tangible part of the EU single market experience for all Europeans. Today we not only make sure that this experience continues, but we are updating it: better quality, better services, even more transparency. ”