Wednesday, February 21

The European Commission asks that the deaths in the jump to the Melilla fence be investigated

The European Commission asks that the deaths in the balance to the Melilla fence be investigated. In a monographic debate held this Monday in the European Parliament, the European Commissioner for the Interior, Ylva Johansson, stated: “I support the calls by the United Nations and the African Union to investigate the loss of life. The Spanish Prosecutor’s Office is also carrying out an investigation, and Morocco has launched its own investigation mission”.

“In all situations people have to be treated with dignity and respect”, said the Swedish Social Democratic Commissioner: “Melilla is an alarm call; there will be more people who put their faith in the hands of human traffickers, and everything must be done to save lives and treat people with respect and in accordance with their rights”.

The European Commissioner for the Interior stated at the plenary session in Strasbourg: “It is difficult to know what happened on that Black Friday: migrants tried to cross at Nador, a crossing reserved for local residents, but a crowd entered, a stampede was created and young they were crushed to death, while others fell from a twenty-foot wall. It is unacceptable to use violent means and it is unacceptable for people to die like this.”

“We need a thorough and independent investigation so that this kind of tragedy never happens again on the external borders of the EU”, said socialist Juan Fernando López Aguilar: “Desperate people are being exploited. We have to eradicate the criminal networks that take advantage of migrants and refugees.”

The PP MEP and former Minister of the Interior, José Ignacio Zoido, took the opportunity to request a change in the Government of Spain: “Far from being well resolved as Pedro Sánchez has said, it is a host of mistakes. It has gone from the Aquarius call effect to complacency in the face of humanitarian disaster. The Spanish security forces are without means, and the international policy that has led Spain to antagonize Morocco and Algeria is not well resolved either. That is why we need a change in the government.”

Citizens MEP Jordi Cañas has also stated: “What happened is the tragic corollary of Morocco’s border management, using the migratory drama to pressure Spain and the EU.”

The extreme right, through the voice of Hermann Terstch (Vox), has maintained: “Do not look for responsibility among the Spanish police. It was an attack, as Sánchez has said, but Vox has been saying it for some time. Those responsible are in the Government of Spain and also here, who promise a paradise that does not exist with the money of others.

IU goes to the European Ombudsman

The MEP of United We Can, Sira Rego, spokesperson for IU in the European Parliament, has filed a complaint with the European Ombudsman to demand an investigation into what happened on the border between Morocco and Spain in Melilla, where at least 37 people died and More than 80 have been injured due to police actions while trying to jump the fence on June 24.

In the text presented, the MEP affirms that the facts may be “constitutive of a clear violation of the fundamental rights of migrants and of the most basic procedures of asylum and refuge in the European Union”.

The complaint demands an investigation by this European body and recalls the words of the European Ombudsman about the EU’s responsibilities in migratory matters, since she stated that “the need cannot be avoided, in fact, the obligation of addressing the humanitarian needs of refugees and migrants, and ensuring that human rights have their rightful place in the process. border management”.

Miguel Urbán, MEP for Anticapitalistas, has called for the resignation of the Spanish Minister of the Interior, Fernando Grande-Marlaska in the plenary session in Strasbourg: “The deaths at the Melilla border are not a tragedy: they are a massacre. Murders caused by Fortress Europe that are guilty, the Moroccan government and police, and responsible: the Spanish Government and the criminal European policy of externalizing borders that subcontracts dictatorships like the Moroccan one to act as border thugs.

The PNV MEP, Izaskun Bilbao, has also called for an independent investigation into police action, and has also advocated strengthening medium- and long-term cooperation with Africa and increasing joint work and avoiding reproaches among “those of us who know that the fences they are not the solution” because “they only benefit the extreme right-wingers who point to them as the only strategy.”

Rego herself, together with more than 50 MEPs from different political groups, have demanded by letter to the European Commission that the necessary responsibilities be determined and all agreements with the Moroccan Government on migration control be reviewed. “The European Union is demonstrating its racist vision with the reception policy that it proposes and the commitment to the militarization of borders. It is necessary to review the agreements of shame with Morocco or with other countries such as Turkey, which involve maintaining and endorsing this type of migration policy financed with European public funds, ”says the letter.

Rego had previously registered a question to the Community Executive about the deaths shortly after they occurred. “Is the Commission going to investigate what happened and demand responsibility for the death of these people? Does the Commission consider the migratory agreement with Morocco to be compatible with the guarantees and protection of Human Rights contained in European regulations, including the right to asylum? What measures is the Commission going to take to put an end to the frequent episodes of violence and deaths that occur on the external border of the European Union?”, asked the IU leader.