Thursday, July 29

The European Court of Human Rights admits the first appeals of those convicted of the Alsasua attack

The European Court of Human Rights (ECHR), based in Strasbourg, has admitted the first appeals for the defenses of the young people of Alsasua convicted by the Spanish justice for the attack on Civil Guard agents in a local bar Navarre. This instance reviews whether those affected had a fair judicial process in the ordinary Spanish instances, that is, it will not get to the bottom of the matter.

According to EiTB, five of the eight appeals have already been admitted for processing by the European court. “It is foreseeable that the rest of the resources will follow the same path, but for now we do not have confirmation,” the platform of relatives of the convicted, Altsasu Gurasoak, wrote on Twitter, reporting on the first two files that have reached Strasbourg .

In November 2020, relatives of the convicted already reported the appeal. “Four long years immersed in an evidently manipulated judicial process,” they denounced then, according to Europa Press. “It is obvious that no organ of the Spanish judicial system with powers to do so has shown its willingness to stop this set-up, showing serious democratic deficiencies and violating the most basic fundamental rights,” they said, recalling the accusations of terrorism.

“We are optimistic and we are confident of a positive result, but we are also realistic and we know that everything will not be a bed of roses,” they said. Of course, they admitted the limitations of this phase: “In Strasbourg we will not have the opportunity to question the trial starting from scratch, and of course the complainants will not be investigated. We will only ask for the same as up to now, justice of guarantees and respect for the human rights”. The last sentences expire in 2025.

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