Wednesday, November 30

The European Public Prosecutor files the investigation against former convergent David Madí

The European Public Prosecutor’s Office has filed the investigation against businessman David Madí by ruling out that the former right-hand man of Artur Mas committed a crime of subsidy fraud related to his alleged work as intermediary in the distribution of European funds.

David Madí and Xavier Vendrell, influence and business behind the process

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In a decree, the delegated European prosecutors agree to shelve the matter by not finding more evidence against Madí than an “insufficient” conversation to constitute a crime. This is an intercepted talk to Madí in the framework of the Voloh operation, the macro-case that investigates the alleged corruption of leaders of the sovereignist Sanhedrin that organized 1-O and the alleged diversion of funds to the procés.

In the talk, Madí transferred the representative of a consulting firm who met with Iván Redondo, former chief of staff of the Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez, to address the operation of European funds at a meeting of the Foment del Treball employers’ association, of which he forms part. “You have to establish a channel to enter. I met with Foment, I am part of Foment, and we had a meeting… of a small committee… with Iván Redondo… this will be a black tea party… it’s 140,000 million”, Madí pointed out in the conversation , of October 2020 and that was intervened by the Civil Guard.

The prosecutors conclude from that talk that Madí indeed has contacts, but during the months that the investigations have lasted they have found no more evidence that the businessman used them to commit a crime, so they decide to file the investigation.

“It is true that the conversation shows that Mr. Madí has ​​contacts or private relationships that he uses in the development of his professional activity as an advisor, but at the present time, having exhausted the possible avenues of investigation, it is not possible to determine whether in the development of his advisory activity he used such contacts for obtaining or improper use of European subsidies”, resolves the decree of filing of the case, to which has had access.

The judge in the Voloh case, Joaquín Aguirre, sent the talk to the European Public Prosecutor’s Office after one of his several disagreements with Anticorruption. The prosecutor in the Voloh case opposed investigating Madí for the talk about European funds, understanding that it would be a “prospective” cause that would violate his “most elementary rights.”

Anticorruption, which since the beginning of the case has been reluctant to keep most of Voloh’s lines of investigation open, adhered to Madí’s appeal, understanding that from the intervened conversation “the existence of any criminal type cannot be inferred” , the same conclusion that the European Public Prosecutor’s Office has now reached.

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