Thursday, July 7

The European Public Prosecutor’s Office charges former convergent David Madí with subsidy fraud

The businessman and former right-hand man of Artur Mas, David Madí, will have to appear as a defendant on July 19 before the European Public Prosecutor’s Office for a crime of subsidy fraud related to his alleged work as intermediary in the distribution of European funds.

The judge investigates whether the former convergent David Madí charged illegal commissions as a lobbyist

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In a decree, the delegated European prosecutors agree to cite Madí as an investigator after analyzing the documentation received from Barcelona’s Court of Instruction 1, which took the case to the Community Public Ministry. The investigation stems from an intercepted conversation with Madí in the framework of the Voloh operation, the macro-case that investigates the alleged corruption of leaders of the sovereignist Sanhedrin that organized 1-O and the alleged diversion of funds to the procés.

In the talk, David Madí transfers the representative of a consulting firm who met with Iván Redondo, former chief of staff of the Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez, to discuss the operation of European funds at a meeting of the Foment del Treball employers’ association, of which is part. The European Public Prosecutor’s Office has also cited the consultant Joan F., Madí’s interlocutor, as being investigated.

The employers denied that the meeting, in which more than a dozen businessmen participated, served to distribute the funds and placed it in their usual institutional meetings. Judge Joaquín Aguirre sent the case to the European Public Prosecutor’s Office, in charge of investigating any matter related to a possible diversion of NextGeneration European funds.

It so happened that the Anti-Corruption Prosecutor’s Office opposed investigating Madí for the talk about European funds, understanding that it would be a “prospective” cause that would violate his “most elementary rights.” Anticorruption, which since the beginning of the case has been reluctant to keep most of Voloh’s lines of investigation open, adhered to Madí’s appeal, understanding that from the intervened conversation “the existence of any criminal type cannot be inferred” .

For the prosecutor, in the conversation Madí refers to “only the expectations of a new type of business consisting of offering its clients, as other consultants have done, the possibility of articulating projects to opt for European aid known to all.” On the other hand, the Barcelona Court considered Judge Aguirre’s thesis more accurate and authorized the sending of the case to the European Public Prosecutor’s Office.

In their resolution, the European prosecutors maintain that the facts investigated could constitute a crime of subsidy fraud, since in the talk Madí and Joan F. “it is mentioned that the amount that was going to be distributed was 140,000 million euros and that they could refer to European funds for recovery NextGeneration EU”.

The appearance of both businessmen as investigated, the prosecutors maintain, aims to “inform them of the rights that assist them, of the facts attributed to them and their provisional legal qualification” so that they have “all the information” before testify.

The European Public Prosecutor’s Office is a recently created institution. started to take shape in October 2017, when Spain and 19 other member states agreed to launch it to bring to justice those who commit crimes “against the financial interests of the Union”, as is the case of the management of European recovery funds after the COVID crisis -19. It was not until last summer that this Office of the Prosecutor came into operation, with an organic law that regulated the adaptation of the Spanish legal system.