Saturday, September 25

The evacuation of Kabul: these are the planes that have already arrived and those that are going to arrive in Spain

The Torrejón de Ardoz air base has not only begun to receive Spaniards and their Afghan collaborators. In Madrid, the first plane with Afghan EU workers and their families has also landed within the framework of the agreement reached by the Government with the European External Action Service (EEAS) for Spain to serve as a ‘hub’ for the transfer and subsequent cast of those who have worked with the bloc in recent years.

As reported by Moncloa, a total of five families arrived on a flight from Italy and chartered by the EEAS. In total, according to diplomatic sources and as confirmed at RNE the Minister of Inclusion, Social Security and Migration, José Luis EscriváIt is about 36 people who will later be sent to Denmark, Germany, Poland and Latvia.

The EU will bear all the costs of the operation to evacuate to Spain and then transfer to the rest of the member states the Afghans who worked for the bloc and whose lives are threatened now that the Taliban have taken control of Afghanistan. Thus, you will pay for the flights, both outbound and transfer to Spain and to the country of final destination, and the costs of accommodation and meals during that time.

At the moment, this is the situation of the flights that have arrived in Madrid and that of those that are on the way to evacuate Spaniards and Afghans from Kabul airport:

  • First A400M aircraft of the Air Force. The aircraft landed this Wednesday from Kabul, the capital of Afghanistan, after making a stop in Dubai. A first group of 53 people was traveling in it, made up of five Spaniards and 48 Afghan collaborators. On the plane was a group of soldiers from the CIMIC battalion of the Land Army and the Air Deployment Support Squad (EADA) of the Air Force to take charge of the operation.
  • Second A400M aircraft of the Air Force. He is currently in Dubai waiting to leave for Kabul and proceed with the evacuation of more Spaniards and Afghan collaborators, where he is expected to arrive this Friday, although no landing time has been provided. As reported Moncloa in a statement, “The next phase of the operation will consist of the evacuation of collaborators and relatives of Afghans who have worked with our country in recent years, as well as leaders in the defense of human rights, women and children, and other activists.”
  • Medicalized aircraft of the Armed Forces. It is the third of the planes chartered by Spain to Afghanistan to participate in the evacuation mission. He is currently in Dubai waiting to fly to Kabul. Sources consulted by Europa Press clarified that despite the special characteristics of the device, wounded and sick are not expected among the people to evacuate.
  • Flight chartered by the EEAS. Plane from Italy after leaving Kabul and making “several stops”, as Minister Escrivá explained, and which arrived in Madrid around midnight. There were 36 people on board, all Afghan EU workers and their families. It is expected that they will later be sent to Denmark, Germany, Poland and Latvia within the framework of the agreement reached in the EU for Spain to receive these workers prior to their subsequent transfer to other countries.
  • Upcoming EEAS flights. It is expected that in the next few hours flights with Afghan workers from the EU will continue to arrive, which will then be distributed among the member states. The EU High Representative for Foreign Policy, Josep Borrell, has stated in the European Parliament that around 100 EU employees and 400 Afghan collaborators and their families have already been evacuated from Afghanistan. Similarly, Borrell has estimated at about 300 Afghan collaborators who are trying to leave the country. Quotas are expected to be set for their distribution as they are evacuated by the EU. According to the sources consulted by Europa Press, in Spain there would be between 40 and 60 Afghans.