Tuesday, July 5

The evils of feminism

Every delicate and important thing in our life, if it manages to germinate and develop, reaches a critical moment in which some of its strengths can become its weak point, but also some of its threats, suddenly, turn into great opportunities. This is the current case of feminisms, said in plural, not because there are as many as political marketing experts are invented to hunt votes (on the least expected day any ultra leader will come out stating that Pilar Primo de Rivera was a feminist and there will be impressionable souls who believe it). I say it in the plural because there really have been, for many decades, open debates and reflections, and even controversial controversies, when it comes to thinking, living and transcending this very old social organization that is based on the control and domination of women. The different perspectives have provided me with tools and variables to realize, to look better, to think better, to write better, to help better, to live better. And what I have left.

The main strength – which is also a weakness – and a threat – which I hope will become an opportunity – of the current feminist movement is that it has become mainstream, that sounds like monster. “It was about time that my mother did not panic when I said the word feminism“I type with one hand;” it scares me, “says the other,” neoliberalism will reduce the word to a T-shirt sign; it will strain for feminist to move your ass spasmodically before a guy’s fly, or that Ana Botín is at the top of the androcentric universe. Nothing that passes through the filters of the massive and marketable comes out of the process unscathed. In the hands of the market, the concept feminism it discolors, it becomes drinkable, it is well seen, it sells. In short, he loses part of himself along the way. That is why we will have to keep our eyes wide open, so that they do not take away the dance, or steal our wallet. But also the mainstream It offers the perfect occasion to take advantage of the loudspeakers to tell fundamental things, the kind that change and even save lives. When journalist Ana Isabel Bernal Triviño dared to step on the Telecinco set, in primetime, To dismantle with biblical patience the gaze that surrounds Rocío Carrasco or any other, and to explain some fundamental concepts, some feminists made it look ugly with little temper. It was a perfect occasion to understand that feminism is not ranch, nor does it demand purity, nor is it something that can only be understood by an intellectual elite, and that if there are pioneers, they must be in opening doors, explaining themselves, giving up the witness, shaking hands and the word. This is precisely what many of us have been thanking Bernal Triviño for a long time.

Nothing that passes through the filters of the massive and marketable comes out of the process unscathed. In the hands of the market, the concept of feminism fades, it becomes drinkable, it is well seen, it sells. In short, he loses part of himself along the way.

Maybe in reaction to the push mainstream, I sometimes hear some feminists speak a bombastic, technical, practically initiatory language, full of concepts, which differs little or nothing from the languages ​​of domination (it is probably an evil of this century, it also happens to me when I go to the rheumatologist , or the Treasury, they talk to me as if I had done the MIR or the opposition with them, and of course, they flatter me). I suppose that this language comes from academic texts, in which it most likely has its reason for being. But there is no use imitating him, distinguished, when I speak with my wise grandmother. The language has to serve me to be able to respond to my father when he asks me “Carmen, do you think I am a macho?”, And that we can understand each other. On the opposite side to this trend, I find that of imitating the foul language of some men, that of “it does not come out of my balls” (only, now, replacing the male gonads with the female ones) as a way of marking muscle. Sometimes concepts are blown up. A few days ago I heard on the radio that “empower yourself” means “do whatever comes out of your chichi.” I’m afraid that “doing what you get out of the chichi” (for example, picking up boyfriends, renting bellies, tripping others) can be very unfeminist.

That the struggle and the paradigm shift proposed by feminism is reaching the institutions, not only in Spain, but also in Europe and in much of the world, with a dropper, is also a threatened opportunity, give me the oxymoron. There are those who insist, because it pays for them, to identify feminism with Minister of Equality. The trick is seamless, except that it is a Chicago-sized fallacy. Super easy: by taking down one you take down all of them, ridiculing the supposed representative (or, simply, pointing out her mistakes) you end all this, so, go for her. The minister should be aware at all times of this reality in the fundamental objectives that her portfolio has set and also in the most trivial matters. The other day, as a result of a tweet, clearly debatable, from the screenwriter Isa Calderón, he got into trouble from a reply to it by Juan Soto Ivars. Ea, first world problems (as far as I read – I must confess that only the initial messages and the main answers, the time and the desire are finite – the discussion did not seem to me like tearing the clothes). I don’t know when the minister found it a good idea to enter into the controversy between two opinion-makers on Twitter.

The man does not stalk, dear Miguel Hernández. Machismo lurks. It stalks the social organization that sustains it, and the economic one that engulfs any dissent or liberation. In this culture battle, bullets cannot be foolishly wasted. That is why I think reflection and criticism from within the movement is necessary. Without snags and bogeymen, as we have sadly seen in some demonstration. The feminists of our environment and the great thinkers have taught us – almost without intending it – that we can do other things, but, above all, that they can be done differently. Here is our great strength. It is better for us to intelligently separate her from any weakness.