Monday, October 25

The “exorbitant” rise in the price of electricity forces the Sidenor plant in Basauri to stop for at least twenty days

The Sidenor steel mill has been forced to stop production at its main plant in Basauri (Bizkaia) intermittently until Christmas due to the “exorbitant” price it pays for the electricity it needs to carry out its manufacturing processes, which in the Last year it has increased by more than 300%, going from 60 euros per megawatt hour to 260 euros.

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This was announced this Monday by the metallurgical company, which is the Spanish leader in the manufacture of long special steels for different industrial uses, in a statement in which it states that “this increase in electricity costs represents an additional 200 euros per tonne, or that is, an increase in manufacturing costs of more than 25% “, which” causes losses and makes it impossible to maintain the current rate of production “.

As a first measure in the face of this rising cost of electricity for industrial uses, the management of Sidenor has decided to stop the production of its main plant in Basauri (Bizkaia) for 20 days, that is, 30% of the scheduled productive days, from now until 31 from December.

The steelmaker specifies that “it is a first measure to try to limit the tremendous impact that the exorbitant and uncontrolled electricity costs are causing to Sidenor”, but warns that, by itself, “it does not solve the underlying problem” so considers that it will be necessary to adopt “other measures” to persist “the current panorama of lack of control in electricity prices.” It also specifies that although this stop directly and immediately affects the main Basauri plant, “it will also progressively affect the rest of the plants” that it has in other parts of the Basque Country and Cantabria and Catalonia.

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