Tuesday, July 5

The faces of the fight against climate change

The decarbonisation process is a fundamental element in the fight against climate change and more and more people are working on it every day. Its duties? What is your job? What are their stories?

Sonia Bielsa was born and raised in Andorra but now lives in Teruel. Since she was a child, she was interested in energy when she saw her father work at the thermal power plant. He followed in his footsteps and became the fourth generation of his family to work at Endesa. In 2019, the thermal power plant closed and Sonia began a new journey as an operation and maintenance supervisor in the new wind farms. A change that he faced with enthusiasm and enthusiasm.

After 16 years working at the Andorran thermal power plant, Paulino Guía found a new opportunity as a wind farm supervisor at almost 50 years of age. He assures that, despite the fact that his new job is more solitary, he has become accustomed to maintaining digital contact with his collaborators and, in return, has gained contact with nature.

Francisco Cal also had to adapt to change after 30 years of hard work at the Central de As Pontes. It was easy for him thanks to the human team that makes up his department. The evolution of the market is pointing towards wind, hydro and solar and all energy workers have to reinvent themselves.

That is what Sonia, Francisco and Paulino have done, reinventing themselves and adapting to a future that is already present thanks to them.