Friday, September 30

The Faculty of Letters of the University of Murcia warns that Macarena Olona’s conference is not authorized

There is neither “authorization reservation” of the Hemicycle of the Faculty of Letters of the University of Murcia (UMU) nor “the use of the logo was never authorized […] for any act unrelated to it” warned in an official statement the dean of said Faculty, José Antonio Molina Gómez, before the conference announced by Macarena Olona on her social networks for next Friday at 8:00 p.m. in this space located in the center from the Murcian capital on the La Merced campus. The colloquium, entitled ‘The defense of rights and freedoms through the TC: the unconstitutionality of states of alarm’, is organized by an entity called the Spanish Institute of Political Studies.

´The extreme right-wing politician already starred in a controversy last Thursday with a similar conference that he gave at the University of Granada. The former Andalusian parliamentarian arrived at the Faculty of Law escorted by a cordon of riot police officers when she was greeted with shouts by hundreds of protesters. “Fascists out of the University,” chanted the crowd gathered at the gates of the campus. On that occasion, the politician, a state attorney by profession, had been invited by the Forum for Civil Harmony.

The Parliamentary Group of Vox in the Assembly of Murcia, controlled by the dissident deputies of the far-right formation, has corrected the poster of the Olona conference at the Murcian public university by changing the place: the Paraninfo, instead of the Hemicycle of the Faculty of Letters from the University of Murcia indicated initially.

For its part, the UMU Student Assembly has called for mobilization against talk of extreme right-wing politics at UMU, “a university that allows hate speech and with an interest in the privatization of public education that threatens most of the students.” The student assembly also denounced “the collaboration of the UMU with hate speech, racist, anti-LGTB, sexist and classist.” “It is not the first time that the UMU supports the dissemination of these premises,” they added.

Santiago Abascal said last Thursday in an interview with esRadio that “he would not know how to explain” what happened to the one who was a candidate for the Andalusian elections for the far-right formation and who subsequently left politics. “Once a person has left Vox, I cannot judge what he does and what he does not do,” Abascal replied to Federico Jiménez Losantos, who had asked him what had happened so that Olona had taken a photo with Mario Count. “She returns to the State Bar and she is free to make her own living and defend what she wants,” he added.

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