Friday, March 24

The family of the woman who was shot by Alec Baldwin on a filming denounces him for homicide

The husband of Halyna Hutchins, the cinematographer who died during the filming of the film rust, He and his 9-year-old son have filed a reckless homicide lawsuit against actor Alec Baldwin “and other people responsible for security on set,” a family attorney said Tuesday, according to Reuters.

The lawsuit against Baldwin comes nearly 4 months after the actor accidentally shot the photographer while rehearsing a scene for the film. The incident that killed Hutchins occurred at Bonanza Creek Ranch in New Mexico and how there could have been a live bullet in the gun, which was supposed to be props, is still being investigated, although legal authorities have not filed charges.

The actor from ’30 Rock’ and ‘Saturday Night Live’ assured after the tragic death of Halyna Hutchins and wounding the director of the film, Joel Souz, with the same shot, that members of the team had confirmed that the weapon was “cold “, a term from the arms industry that refers to the fact that it is safe.

The director of photography’s widower had previously appeared before the press stating that he had spoken with Baldwin and that he was “being very supportive” of him and his son, however, with this lawsuit he requests the actor and other members of the team compensation for the damage caused that will have to be determined in a trial.

According to lawyers for Hutchins’s husband, up to 15 protocols were broken to maintain security on the set, such as the fact that there was no professional gunsmith to control the use of the weapon when Baldwin received the revolver.

“If they had followed them, this would never have happened,” the lawyer stressed before emphasizing that, although Baldwin is the one who has “the greatest responsibility” for holding the weapon, “there are many guilty parties” involved, according to EFE.

Baldwin didn’t realize he had accidentally killed her until an hour later.

The interpreter recounted in December that he was not aware that he had shot Hutchins with a live bullet until minutes after the accident. “I thought to myself, ‘Has he passed out?’ The idea that there was a real bullet in that gun didn’t occur to me until probably 45 minutes or an hour had passed.”

According to Baldwin, the confusion in the study was evident and that no one “could understand” what happened in the immediate seconds after the shot, to the point that he came to think that his partner had suffered a heart attack. “The mere idea that someone had put a real bullet was not even possible,” he has said excitedly.

A “chaotic recording”

Various sources spoke of a chaotic recording, marked by the conditions associated with the more than tight budget of the production, and the complaints of part of the photography team, who left in protest at the poor security and the long hours.

As of December, two negligence lawsuits had already been filed against the producers and against Baldwin by workers on the set. The first, by the head of lighting, Serge Svetnoy, and the second by the script, Mamie Mitchell, who was in charge of notifying the authorities when the shot occurred. She, the latter, has directly accused Baldwin of being materially responsible, despite not knowing that the gun was loaded.