Wednesday, November 30

The family that requested classes in Spanish in Canet: “We have to be brave and demand our rights”

The Canet de Mar family who asked to have classes in Spanish in class for their son, a demand that was granted by the Superior Court of Justice of Catalonia – with the well-known 25% quota -, has broken their silence. After denouncing having been victims of harassment, which unleashed a political storm around the center, they have written an extensive public letter in which they assure that they are defending their rights, that they do not want to become a “media element” and accuse the Government of having “stoked feelings of hatred”.

A score of Catalan schools already teach more Spanish in some classes by court order

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The letter, titled Stand up for your rights (the title of Bob Marley’s song that means “stand up for your rights”), has been disseminated by the Assembly by a Bilingual School (AEB), which advises this and other families who demand a model with more Spanish as a vehicular language . The family mainly criticizes the Minister of Education of the Generalitat, considering that they have put their case in the media spotlight. “Why did you come to Canet’s school to protest the application of the interlocutory now and not in the cases of other parents? Do you want to heat up the atmosphere for the protests? We cannot thank him for stoking feelings of hatred among the population because our family suffers ”, they lament.

The claimant family defends that the courts have recognized their right to a bilingual school for their children and assert that they have no interest in going further. “It is not in our interest to break onto the public scene. For this reason, we ask that our will not to become a media element be respected ”, they assure. And they insist: “We have to stop swallowing and we have to be able to be brave to say what one thinks, get up to do it and democratically claim our rights.”

Addressing their son’s tutor, they affirm that they are “absolutely safe and comfortable” with her work and describe her as a “magnificent professional”. “We are sure that you will do the activities in Catalan as well as in Spanish.” They also appreciate the support received from other parents and at that point they reaffirm the reported harassment. “Feeling the hatred, the intimidation, the threats, the pointing on one’s own skin is very hard. We have wanted to cry many times ”.

The case of the Turó del Drac school in Canet de Mar was released days after the Supreme Court’s blow against language immersion. Despite being one more of the dozens of court decisions that oblige a center to introduce 25% of classes in Spanish, this time a strong controversy was unleashed because there were other families protesting against the decision, the Minister of Education He visited the school to give them his support and the complainants reported feeling harassed. Among other reasons, for the demonstrations called near the school. For now, the Prosecutor’s Office is investigating two tweets in which it was encouraged to stone and separate the child.

Borràs asks the Generalitat to take control of the center

The president of the Parliament, Laura Borràs, has proposed for her part to the Minister of Education, Josep Gonzàlez-Cambray, to assume the direction of the Canet de Mar school, which must teach 25% in Spanish to a Nursery class by order of the TSJC. The objective of its demand would be to maintain linguistic immersion without compromising the officials of the center.

“It cannot be that we say that we cannot do anything. We have full powers in teaching. And the responsibility cannot be left only to professionals”, defended the president of the Catalan chamber in an interview on ‘Radio 4 and La2’. In this sense, he recalled that Clara Ponsatí, who was Minister of Education in October 2017, assumed control of all educational centers for a few days so that the schools could be electoral colleges of 1-O and thus exempt the responsibility of the directors.