Wednesday, November 30

The far-right Meloni presents her government with Salvini and Tajani as vice presidents

The leader of the far-right Brothers of Italy party, Giorgia Meloni, was commissioned this Friday by the President of the Italian Republic, Sergio Mattarella, to form the new Government of Italy. Less than a month after the elections that decreed her victory at the head of the right-wing coalition, Meloni is one step away from entering Palazzo Chigi as the first woman to head the Italian Executive. Next to her, as Vice Presidents of the Government, will be Antonio Tajani and Matteo Salvini, respectively Foreign Minister and Minister of Public Works.

The long shadow of Berlusconi’s relations with Putin shakes the Italian government before it was born

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Meloni has shortened the times and after meeting with Mattarella he has come out to announce the list of the ministers of his Government that will take office this Saturday, to then submit to the vote of confidence in a Parliament where the coalition has a large majority.

Accelerate and close the appointment of the Government as soon as possible. This has been Giorgia Meloni’s concern since the victory of his party on September 25: do everything quickly so that the slogan he had chosen for his electoral campaign, soonReady, it was not disproved by the facts. An urgent need that in recent days had become even greater, after Silvio Berlusconi’s repeated outbursts, with the leaked audios in which the tycoon recalled his links with Putin and that have shaken the Executive before born.

The slogan for everyone was that she be the only one to speak on behalf of all the allies, as was also the case in the brief appearance in which Meloni explained that the coalition had nominated her to be the future prime minister. An appearance without questions, at the end of which the journalists have tried in vain to persecute the members of the delegation, who left the halls of the presidential palace without saying a word. Many Italian media highlighted how in just four years the composition of the photo has changed in the appearance of the right-wing coalition after the round of consultations at the Quirinale. In 2018 the singing voice was led by Matteo Salvini who occupied the center of the scene among a Berlusconi who underlined the words of the leader of the League with mimicry in an attempt to steal part of the limelight before the astonished gaze of Meloni, then the minority partner of the coalition, with just 4.3% of the vote. Salvini would later form a Government with the 5 Star Movement in what was the first Government of Giuseppe Conte, which he himself brought down a year and a half later.

This Friday, she was at the center of the scene. Salvini was to her left and Berlusconi to her right, surrounded by the other members of the delegation. She has spoken to Mattarella and has been in recent days defining the composition of the Government to reach the commission with practically all the boxes already closed, resisting pressure from her allies, especially from Berlusconi who claimed important ministries such as Justice and Economic Development .

Draghi: “Italy is at the center of the European project”

The President of the Republic wanted to wait to give Meloni the mandate until the end of the European Council, to which Mario Draghi attended for the last time as Prime Minister. “Italy must be at the center of the European project with the credibility and authority that belongs to a great founding country, which is what we are”, Draghi reiterated, in his press conference at the end of the Council, claiming his role for the agreement reached in Brussels to lower the price of gas. Asked about his advice for the future government, he replied: “I do not give advice to the new government. What an outgoing government can do is offer testimony of what it has done. We have tried and are trying to guarantee the most fluid and informed transition possible, so that the Government can begin its activity. Each minister has prepared a document with all the problems that need to be addressed and with the actions necessary to do so.”

Brothers of Italy was the only one among the big parties that did not support the national unity government presided over by Draghi, in which his partners, the League and Forza Italia, were. An opposition role from which Meloni has made a lot of profit in the early elections when precisely FI and the League contributed, together with the 5-Star Movement, to the fall of the Draghi government. And yet the chronicles speak of cordial relations between the former European central banker and the future prime minister who has before her the first great stumbling block of the legislature with the approval of the budgets at a critical moment and with a very narrow time frame. And it is there where Draghi’s “serene and informed transition” will be decisive.

The ‘Draghiano’ Giorgetti, Minister of Economy

The fact that Giancarlo Giorgetti, until now Minister of Economic Development, is the new head of Economy will also facilitate this transition. Giorgetti, one of the most prominent representatives of the League, has been the most ‘Draghian’ among the members of Salvini’s party, to the point that this Friday, in an interview with Corriere della Serahis predecessor in office, Daniele Franco – former director general of the Bank of Italy and Draghi’s strong man in his government – has not hesitated to define him as a “very suitable” choice for the position.

In total, the Meloni government will have 24 ministers, nine without a portfolio, and only six women, a quarter of the total. The future prime minister has wanted to shield key positions with trusted men so that the Executive begins to function without the shrillness seen in these weeks of negotiations. For the ministry to which Salvini aspired, who already held that position between 2018 and 2019, the leader of the Brothers of Italy chose Matteo Piantedosi, who has been Salvini’s chief of staff but also Luciana Lamorgese, the holder of that portfolio with Draghi .

The Ministry that Silvio Berlusconi claimed for Forza Italia, that of Justice, will go to the deputy of the Brothers of Italy, Carlo Nordio, who has not hidden his ideas about the need to reform the Constitution. The co-founder of Meloni’s party, Guido Crosetto, will occupy the defense portfolio. In 2014, Crosetto had been appointed president of the Federation of Italian companies in the aerospace, defense and security sector.

denomination changes

One of Meloni’s most loyal supporters, Francesco Lollobrigida – spokesman for the Brothers of Italy parliamentary group and husband of the party leader’s sister – will be the new Minister for Agriculture and Food Sovereignty, one of the striking changes of name between the ministries of the new government. Thus, the Ministry of Equality and Family will become the Ministry of Family, Natality and Equality —which will be led by one of the few women in the Executive, Eugenia Roccella— while the Ministry for the Ecological Transition will be renamed the Ministry of Environment and Energy Security . Name changes that portend changes in the policies directed by these ministries.

Precisely this last Ministry has starred in the first “incident” of the new Government. A couple of hours after the Prime Minister-designate had read the list, a note arrived from the party explaining that there had been a mistake and the names of the holders of the Public Administration portfolio and the Ministry had been reversed. Environment.

Thus begins the “Meloni era”, which this Saturday will be sworn in before the Council of Ministers, the first of its Government and the first chaired by a woman. Something that they also recognize from the opposition. “After having heard the list, names and denominations of the Meloni government, I say with even more conviction ‘opposition, opposition, opposition.’ The only novelty is a woman premiere, a historical fact for our country, which must be objectively recognized”, tweeted the leader of the Democratic Party, Enrico Letta. Although she wants to be called “the president”, as it appears in the official notes, and not “the president”.