Thursday, August 5

The fashion now is to watch old series on small televisions | Digital Trends Spanish

Most people probably want to have a bigger and more modern television to watch their favorite series and movies. But there is also another group of people who want to watch classic shows on tiny devices.

The new Tiny TV Classics collection from Basic Fun! It targets the most nostalgic, especially those who watched television on devices totally different from the ones we know today.

These are several small devices that faithfully recreate the televisions of classic times. Best of all, they work and are good for watching old series and programs.

These small televisions are reminiscent of what gadgets have been like for the past 60 years, displaying short clips from movies and television series that were popular in the era to which each device belongs.

Thus, people can rewatch the original series of Batman (or part of it) on a television that recalls the devices that existed at the time of the mythical appearance of the character played by Adam West.

The same thing happens with Back to the Future, which can be seen on a traditional, but tiny, eighties television.

This collection includes four televisions, each one comes with a remote control that works to change channels, adjust volume, and turn off the set.

Each device plays clips from a single show as Friends, Batman, South Park Y Back to the Future and is priced at $ 25.

Those in charge anticipate that more programs such as Big Bang Theory, Star Trek, Bob’s Burgers Y Family guy.

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