Thursday, December 7

The FBI found empty folders labeled classified material in the search of Trump’s mansion

This Friday, the detailed list of the inventory of the materials seized by the FBI in the Mar-a-Lago complex, the mansion of former President Donald Trump, during the August 8 search, in which they found classified and secret documents, was made public. that the former Republican president allegedly took with him when he left the White House in January 2021.

Among the materials the FBI recovered were dozens of empty folders marked classified, 48 in all, and folders labeled “return to staff secretary [de la Casa Blanca]/military assistant”, more than thirty, which raises the question of whether any documents are still missing or have been fully recovered.

The federal agency seized dozens of highly sensitive classified-marked materials from Trump’s office, including seven documents marked “Top Secret,” according to the inventory, as well as hundreds of magazine and press clippings from 2015 to 2020. and other unclassified government documents.

During the search, the FBI seized 33 boxes, containers or items of evidence from both the warehouse and Trump’s office. Although the inventory does not describe any of the documents, it shows the extent to which classified information was kept in boxes and containers and mixed among newspapers, magazines, clothing and other items, such as books.

The Justice Department has said there was no safe space at Mar-a-Lago for such sensitive government secrets and has opened an investigation focused on their retention there and what it says were attempts in recent months to obstruct that investigation. reports the AP agency.