Saturday, May 21

The felon king and his felons

In recent days, the hyperactive Casado has gone to Brussels for the umpteenth time to boycott European aid to Spain, has announced an appeal against pardons, has presented another against the euthanasia law and has missed the act for the victims of terrorism in Congress, all with the aim of attacking the Government. He says that Sánchez is a traitor and a felon, but it is he who betrays his country to Europe, torpedoes recovery funds, opposes the only attempt to fix the Catalan conflict, abandons people who want a dignified death and offends part of the victims in Parliament. The felon is Married.

The “traitor to the homeland”, which nationalists and jingoists use so much to take over the country and drive the rest of us out, gives me the grief of pure rancid casposo, but since the PP has decided to dust it off, I feel obliged to apply it to whoever It fits him better: the right wing that they claim to defend the nation so much, but only uses to hide their own interests, as Samuel Johnson used to say about false patriots. The homeland, the last refuge of the scoundrels, wrote to refer to characters such as Casado, Abascal, Ayuso and Aznar, the felon king behind these felons.

Aznar says that it is necessary to target (with a weapon or pen, he did not specify) those who are in favor of pardons so as not to forget those who humiliate the country. It is paradoxical and paradoxical that the president who pardoned 15 prisoners of Terra Lliure and the leaders of the GAL criticize the measure of grace. It is clear that the PP opposes the approach of ETA prisoners and accuses the Government of making a pact with ETA members, when Aznar approached almost 200 terrorists and sat down to negotiate with the band he called the Basque Liberation Movement.

It is also not rigorous that we have to continue listening to lessons from the president who got us into the illegal invasion of Iraq that caused the destruction of the country, more than 1 million civilians killed and the birth of ISIS, the president who lied to us about the weapons of massive destruction and on the 11M attacks, the president with whom the real estate bubble began and the corruption of the PP. Aznar is a Great Felon of the Kingdom. He competes in felony with El Campechano, González and Pujol.

Now he wants to reunite his pack in a single ultra-right, including Ciudadanos. A felon to unite them all. He has made his cubs roar. Married asks for the resignation of the Government, Abascal threatens with another motion, Arrimadas seconds it and Ayuso makes opposition from Madrid. They are in a hurry to bring Sánchez down now that the pandemic is over and agreements are announced or approved for pensions, social improvements, extension of rights, reduction of electricity, increase in salaries. They do not want the welfare of the Spanish. They want Spain to fall to pick up the pieces.

But they go in the opposite direction to history. While the United States defeats Trump, Europe rejects Orbán and France turns its back on Le Pen, the Spanish far right imitates all three. The world is leaving them behind, even their own are doing it here, from businessmen to bishops. They are so overgrown that they have even denied King Felipe VI, whom they call Doormat VI. We must keep moving forward so that the roar of these felons ends up being a sad distant meow.