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The figurehead of Maduro affirms that he will not negotiate with the US Attorney’s Office because he considers it a “treason”

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Aware of the information you carry with you to the US, Alex Saab, Maduro’s front man, He has already said, openly, that he does not contemplate betraying the regime that has made him a millionaire. In a letter made public by his legal team, Saab affirms: «I will never betray the Bolivarian Republic, President Maduro and the brave people of Venezuela … I hope to be back in Venezuela in time to support President Nicolás Maduro … in the upcoming elections of mayors and governors in November ”.

‘Using the law for political purposes to be successful requires that the judges carrying it out have some inherent talent that, sadly, seems to be lacking in the many Cape Verdean judges who have sat down

judging me in the last 15 months, “adds Saab.

The truth is that Saab facedaa maximum penalty of 160 years in the US., 20 years for each crime charged in the case for which his extradition is requested. And an agreement from the Prosecutor’s Office could open the door to a reduction, in exchange for details about Maduro’s global business and his environment.

Efforts to stop extradition

There are many efforts by the Chavista regime to save this businessman with large accounts in tax havens from extradition and trial in the United States. The mobilization of partners and resources demonstrates the real value that this businessman has in Caracas.

In several meetings held with Spanish politicians and journalists, the former president of the Spanish Government José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero, He has described this cause as “political.” Former judge Baltasar Garzón, disqualified for prevarication, has defended Saab as a lawyer.

In the US, a group called the Alliance for Global Justice launched a campaign backed by Noam Chomsky and other like-minded left-wing intellectuals, claiming that Saab “was kidnapped, detained and tortured under orders from the Trump Administration.” “We ask President Biden to withdraw Alex Saab’s extradition demand to the US,” they said in an open letter to Biden, which he has finally ignored.

But it is not just the US that requires Saab. After the arrest, the Colombian prosecutor’s office also announced charges against the businessman for what he described as “irregular activities linked to the crimes of money laundering, illicit enrichment, fictitious exports and imports, and aggravated fraud.”

Subsequently, the Colombian Police searched and seized several Saab houses and apartments in the town of Barranquilla, including a luxurious 3,740-square-meter mansion, with an estimated total value of $ 10 million. Saab has dual nationality, Venezuelan and Colombian.

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