Monday, February 26

The Film Festival gives air to the rooms but is far from the data prior to the pandemic

Movie theaters faced their most important Festival. The last quarter is key for them, with the big premieres looking for space and the good weather saying goodbye. 2022 has shown that the recovery is being more complicated than it seemed. People have not returned to theaters as quickly as thought, or they have not returned at all. The forms of consumption have changed and the new model is volatile. The managers themselves acknowledged in their presentation that they were confident that the data for this edition would be better than that of May, and that at this time the annual collection was 40% below the data for 2019, before the pandemic.

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The provisional data offered by the consulting firm Comscore for this 19th edition of the Festival del Cine -during which it was possible to go to the cinema for 3.5 euros- mean that, for now, exhibitors and distributors can breathe easy. During these days a total of 1,291,799 spectators have attended, 82.2% more than the last edition held in May when 704,927 tickets were sold. Yes, with one more day. This October’s film festival was held from Monday to Thursday, while the previous ones were three days. This was done to coincide the event with the celebration of the Spanish Cinema Day and also to premiere that day The crooked lines of God, which brought its arrival one day earlier and triumphed in its first assault on theaters. This also alleviates the effect of football, one of the biggest enemies of the rooms. Tuesday and Wednesday games always affect, and with that extra day a possible loss of potential spectators was compensated.

The Film Festival kicked off on Monday, October 3, with an attendance of 201,013 spectators. On Tuesday, the second day of the campaign, cinema attendance registered a total of 282,864 spectators. On Wednesday, attendance continued to increase to 408,776 viewers to end the last day of the campaign, Thursday 6 October, the day of Spanish cinema, with a total of 399,146 viewers. Smile was the most viewed film of this edition, followed by the re-release of Avatar Y Model 77. Four Spanish films are in the top 10 of this new edition: Model 77, Tadeo Jones 3: The Emerald Tablet, La vida padre Y The crooked lines of God -only with one day in the theaters-.

far from normal

Those 1,291,799 viewers are a good figure compared to May, but they are far from the 2019 data. In that pre-pandemic course -and very good for cinema- 1,825,800 viewers were registered in the May edition and 2,291,606 in October, the second highest figure in the history of the Film Festival. The data for this occasion is more similar to that of October 2018, one of the lowest autumn editions when 1,339,946 tickets were sold. You have to go back to 2012, when an edition was still being held, to see such a low figure, at that time there were 763,156 spectators.

Therefore, these data show that the Festival of Cinema has breathed life into cinemas, but that the interest in them is far from what it has been on other occasions. A matter of concern in the Ministry of Culture. Iceta has made it clear in the press conference of the general budgets for 2023 in which there is an item of 14.5 million euros to help the theaters, an amount greater than that of the previous year. In addition, another item is intended for the Autonomous Communities to allocate it to the recovery of audiences.

The film festival has momentarily returned viewers to movie theaters, but now it remains to be seen if this effect carries over to the rest of the days, since the main reason for its celebration is to return the love of going to theaters of cinema at a time when this activity has ceased to be so common. This weekend will be the first exam, with the arrival of in the margins Y The crooked lines of God like great ships of our cinema.