Thursday, December 2

The film Plaza Catedral will open the 10th edition of IFF Panama

The Panama International Film Festival (IFF Panama), announces that for the first time in the history of IFF Panama a Panamanian film will be screened at the opening gala.

Is about “Plaza Catedral” by Abner Benaim, which will premiere in Central America this December 3, 2021 at the opening ceremony of the tenth edition of the Festival that will take place in the Athenaeum of the City of Knowledge.

Its protagonist, Ilse Salas, will participate in this anniversary edition as a special guest.

IFF Panama becomes each year the cinema headquarters for the region, a vibrant meeting point where opportunities are generated for the audience and the film industry.

From December 3 to 5, 2021 IFF Panama commemorates 10 years of being the dissemination and integration platform for cinema in Central America and the Caribbean.

This time La Manzana in the Santa Ana neighborhood, It will be the spot to enjoy screenings, training programs, talks, and face-to-face and digital activities.

The executive director of the IFF Panama Foundation, Pituka Ortega-Heilbron, commented that “having Plaza Catedral in the emblematic tenth edition of IFF Panamá, it is exceptional and symbolic, because it speaks of the development of our industry and the strength of cinema and the need for it to rise as a nation. It is an honor and a breath of hope in these moments that we all recognize are challenging ”.

Abner Benaim, Recognized Panamanian filmmaker, who is also a pioneer in the industry and has participated with us in previous editions, presents on this occasion, for the opening gala, a fiction genre that has been selected to represent Panama in the Academy Awards by the year 2022, ”he said.

In a haunting echo “Cathedral Square seeks to raise awareness about youth violence, in which Abner leaves a very clear message “we are all responsible for what happens in our society and we cannot leave aside children from neighborhoods with socioeconomic difficulties.”

This film won the award for best actress and best actor (post mortem) in the Guadalajara International Film Festival during the month of October, where it premiered worldwide.

Mexican actress Ilse Salas, Colombian actor Manolo cardona and the Panamanian youth actor Fernando Xavier de Casta, are part of the cast of this film.

Cathedral Square”Tells the story of Alicia, a woman who, after having a perfect life, suffers the tragic death of her son; her pain is plagued with guilt, a guilt that has made her disassociate herself from society, married life and herself … Until she meets “Chief”, a boy who takes care of cars in front of his apartment in Plaza Catedral in the Old Town from Panama and who manages to turn their current reality around.

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