Wednesday, October 5

The finalists of the National Speech Contest meet with educational authorities

The 15 finalists of the National Contest of More Mobile Speech, Savings Bank and Meduca They met this Friday with authorities from the Ministry of Education and were given technological equipment, which will be very useful for their academic development. This year the contest is based on the theme ´Bicentennial Pact: youth seeking to close gaps for a more equitable, just and supportive Panama´.

The Minister of Education, Maruja Gorday de Villalobos, He stated that “having that human contact with young people, and recognizing that value and that contribution that they are going to make on the dissertation of a Bicentennial Pact Closing Gaps, is the most important thing.”

According Yaneth Castillo, representative of the Ángel María Herrera School, in the province of Coclé, “for 21 days we attended the National Academy of Oratory 2021, where they prepared us on the subject of language, projection and content. The courses offered taught us to be natural and have the ability to convince the public and, above all, give the true opinion from our hearts so that our future and the country are in better hands. “

“Through the National Academy of Oratory we have reinforced the projection, language and structure of the pieces, so that we can do a good job in the grand finale,” he said. Jose Manuel Sire, of the Educational Center of Cerro Iglesia, in the region Ngäbe Buglé.

The finalists, representatives of the 16 educational regions of the country, perfected their knowledge and skills at the National Academy of Oratory during the last five weeks, they will be presented in three phases, main piece, spontaneous performance and improvisation and will delight national and international society with an inspiring theme, which sets the perspectives, interests and empowerment in a roadmap that guarantees the sustained and balanced construction of a more active, civic, participatory and inclusive population, in public policies through programs that break down barriers in social inequity.

After a year of absence due to the pandemic, the organization of the contest celebrates this Sunday, November 21, its grand final gala with a display of excellence, talent and educational leadership that will be presented at the Anayansi Theater of the Atlapa Convention Center, when they enter to the stage, the best 15 speakers with the topic “Bicentennial Pact: youth seeking to close gaps for a more equitable, just and supportive Panama.”