Thursday, December 7

The fines for failing to comply with the Government’s energy saving plan will be up to 60,000 euros

The fines for failing to comply with the Government’s energy saving plan will be up to 60,000 euros. Not turning off the lights in the shop windows, not closing the doors or not regulating the temperature will be “minor infractions” as provided for in the Regulation of Thermal Installations of Buildings (RITE), which also includes penalties of up to 100 million euros in the “very serious” cases, and up to six million in “serious” cases.

The Community of Madrid threatens to take the Government’s energy saving measures to the Constitutional Court

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Sources from the Ministry for the Ecological Transition and the Demographic Challenge have confirmed these fines, which would be preceded by warnings according to the cases that have yet to be established, and have detailed the establishments in which they do not apply the different measures of “energy saving and management in air conditioning” of the decree approved in the Council of Ministers this Monday. This plan will come into force in the coming days, and with it, the Government seeks to mitigate the consequences of the energy crisis that Europe is suffering due to the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

This Tuesday, as a reaction to the controversy unleashed by the decision of the president of Madrid, Isabel Díaz Ayuso, to rebel once again against the measures promoted by the Government, the president of the central Executive, Pedro Sánchez, has called on “Flee from any selfish, unsupportive and unilateral behavior” when applying the savings plan.


In the case of the obligations established on the temperature -limited heating to 19 and cooling to 27 degrees from August 9-, “they will apply to the interior of the habitable establishments that are conditioned, located in the buildings and premises destined for the following uses: administrative (including office floors or areas, general lobbies and areas for public use); commercial (stores, supermarkets, department stores, shopping centers and the like); and public attendance, whether cultural (theaters, cinemas, auditoriums, congress centers, exhibition halls and the like), establishments for public shows and recreational activities, restaurants (bars, restaurants and cafeterias) or transport of people (stations and airports) .

The exceptions will be “due to working conditions, due to the specificities of the sector, in training centers (schools, universities, nurseries, etc.), health/hospital centers, hairdressers, gyms, the means of transport itself (trains, planes, airports, etc.). boats…), laundries, in hotel rooms (in restaurants, cafeterias or common spaces would apply)”.


The shutdown schedule from 10 p.m. “will apply exclusively to the lighting of shop windows and public buildings that are unoccupied at that time”, from August 9, and with a deadline for compliance on September 30, 2022.

The exceptions are “the ornamental lighting of monuments, unless they are public buildings that are unoccupied at that time,” continues the Ministry for the Ecological Transition and the Demographic Challenge.


The obligation to have an adequate door closing system “will be applied in buildings and premises with access from the street, intended for the same uses as those to which the temperature limit would apply”, continues the Government, which recalls that the establishments “have to adapt before September 30, 2022”. There are no exceptions to this measure, “unless the security legislation that applies to the building or premises prevents compliance with this obligation,” he concludes.